Gottfried: "They Responded"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the win over No. 13 Miami.

“To play basketball at NC State is a privilege when you get all that the student-athletes get, it is a privilege.”

“We talked a lot about the choice they could make. They could accept their fate, as I talked about after the game, or change it. They responded with great enthusiasm. They had great energy the last two days and even today at shootaround. They need to understand they have to have it every single night in this league. This league is too good.

“We have just got to go one day at a time. We have got a quick turnaround. We play Monday. Other teams have to do it. That is a built-in excuse right there….I am not real interested in any excuses.”

“They need to understand they have to at a high level all the time. Part of that is enthusiasm, energy, effort and emotion. The four E’s.”

“We may not make every shot. We may not do anything good but we have got to control those four things."

“I just thought our whole team rebounded better. I don’t know if it was about Jekiri, I just thought we as a group rebounded better. Malik only had one at the half, didn’t like that. He came out and ended up with seven, which was good. BeeJay got some. Lennard and the guards rebounded. Caleb rebounded. Everybody seemed to get in there and stick their nose in there tonight. That was something we improved on. We got whipped on the glass the other night. Just whipped. Tonight was a lot better.”

“What’s important for us know is if we learn. If you learn what your potential really is. We went on the road and had a really great win at Pitt and came back, although our schedule is really tough you have to learn to every single night. It can’t be one of those things where we do it every now and then."

“I am interested in our energy, effort, enthusiasm  and emotion every night. That is what I want to see.”

I thought [ball movement] was really good. Late in the game, throughout the game we passed the ball pretty well. We had good shots. We got into trouble here and there but mostly we passed it well.”

“He has just been spectacular. I think with Cat is what is happening is we are asking him to do a lot. He is breaking the press. He is defending. He is scoring. He is making foul shots. I thought tonight, better than he did some other nights, he really got the ball to the right people in the right places. He has been terrific. It is hard to describe how valuable he is to our team. I love coaching that guy.”

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