ENROLLED: Justin Witt

New Lenox (ILL) offensive lineman Justin Witt is enrolled at NC State.

Justin Witt

Scout Ranking: ***

Scout Rank: No. 48 offensive tackle

Size: 6-7, 283 pounds

Hometown: New Lenox (ILL)

School: Lincoln-Way West High School

Projected Position At NC State: Offensive Tackle

Commit Date: May 18, 2015

Recruiting Scene: NC State was one of about 20 schools that had offered Witt prior to his decision. Originally it appeared that Witt was set on playing football in the midwest although he never seemed to hone in one particular school. The factor that tipped everything in favor of the Pack was a three day visit to NC State in May 2015. On the Monday after that visit he committed to State and never wavered in his decision- enrolling at State a few weeks ago.

Why NC State? "Their style of offense is the same style of offense we run at our high school. It will be real easy for me to learn. The campus was beautiful. The coaches were awesome. Two of them are actually from Illinois which helps me out knowing there's a connection there. I just felt like it was home for me."

Picked NC State Over: Syracuse, Rutgers, Iowa State, Kentucky, California and Pittsburgh

Scouting Report: Good athlete who has played a couple different positions on the line. Has the frame to continue to add weight and strength, something he has been doing, but must continue to do more of. He has plenty of room to grow still in the upper body. He's very coordinated, plays with his feet underneath him and good balance. He has the footwork and athleticism to play tackle at a high level in college, he just needs to keep working on technique.- Scout.com

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