Gottfried: "We Came Up A Play Or Two Short"

TALLAHASSEE, FL -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the loss to Florida State.


"We came out in the second half and soot 59 percent from the field. We have two turnovers against all that pressure. I thought our kids just played fantastic. We just ended up a play or two short."

"I am proud of our guys. We are disappointed. I thought Florida State made some critical plays at critical times. They made some big shots, especially -- I thought -- Bacon for them."

"We'll get re-grouped."

"I think there were two plays back-to-back that were probably really important. One was when Cat penetrated and dropped it off to Malik right there at the basket. That was a great play, we just didn’t score. Cat made the right play."

"I thought then the next play, Cat probably took a tough three over there where he looked at me right away and said that was probably not a good one. But we want the ball in his hands. Good things happen. I thought he did a great job in the second half, throughout the half of utilizing the ball screen. He found Caleb, he found Maverick and he penetrated and found some shots for himself. I thought he handled that extremely well. "

"The guy we thought would be that has been hurt all year long."

"We had T.J. Warren a couple of years ago and he went 43 and I think 42 back-to-back.  That's unusual."

"I think Cat is playing as good as any guard in the country. I looked today and I saw the finalists for the Cousy Award for best point guards in the country and he is not on the list and I just can’t believe it. I shake my head trying to figure out what in the world he could do more than that."

"In my personal opinion, I think we are 10 games into the league, regardless of our record you have got to consider him for ACC Player of the Year. You have got to. He is in the hunt."

"One of our local writers wrote that they won’t for sure [Barber] was on the First Team All-ACC. That guy must be off his rocker a little bit."

"Regardless of when we played last, that had no effect on us. I think they were just good and we could have played last night. That is not something for us that is even remotely considered or something that we even think about. If we have got a two-day turnaround or a two-hour turnaround we have got to play."

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