Doeren: "We've Done Things The Right Way"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media to discuss the PACK16 recruiting class.

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"We had Danny Peebles come in and talk to the players this morning."

"My assistant coaches did a great job of working different guys throughout the country."

"There's 13 in-state players, half of our class, three Florida, three Georgia, three Virginia, two South Carolina."

"We're trying to continue to build competitive depth. We wanted to get longer at a few positions.  Height... wingspan is very important."

"The tight end group, adding four tight ends, one of them a preferred walk-on, to get those guys into our unit, we lost two guys there last year. That's helpful to add depth to that group."

"Coach Ledford, our new offensive line coach, we've had to rebuild the offensive line.  We've had some kids redshirt.  We've lost three seniors in the last class and had some attrition there."

"At the corner position we've added four and three of them are over 6'1 and we felt like that was important... to be able to make plays on longer receivers... we feel really good about who we got there."

"At safety, the same thing, Tim Glass is 6'0 and Isaiah Stallings is 6'4.  Two taller safeties that are rangy.."

"At linebacker, one of the kids has a 40-inch vertical and can really run. We're excited about adding a kid with that kind of length at 6'4 to our class."

"At quarterback, a guy who has good vision and athleticism with Dylan.  He's here already."

"To get the transfer at place kicker with Connor to add competition with Kyle is important."

"Shug, to get another 6'2, 315-pound plus guy that can play inside."

"I've always talked about recruiting winners and how important that is to us."

"Our footprint starts in North Carolina and we had 13 in the state out of our 27.  To hit the states that are also our main focus... I feel like we've done a good job of that."

"We've done things the right way. We didn't go out there and cut corners. We focused on who we were throughout."

"You can look at the teams and how they did.  There were 19 state playoff teams these guys were apart of and 12 played in all-star games."

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"We were very respectful to his family heritage."

"It's about Thaddeus and not the dad, not to say the dads aren't important they all are."

"That's his path... his future, his story to write."

"His father Randy was great throughout the process of letting Thaddeus narrow it down.  He's raised a very serious and hard-working young man."

"I think it's fair to Thaddeus to say that this day is about him."

"It's hard to say.  Anytime you add playmakers to the group, one of two things will happen. The guys there will feel the competition and get better, now you're better.  Or, the guys coming in will push past them.  Either way, you've improved your level."

"We hope the players coming back will work hard, and they are all right now... they are working hard under coach McDonald.  There will be great improvement, and adding three guys like we just did will help."

"When you get into those games against the two schools you mentioned, they have some big receivers that can run. Our guys have been in position to make plays... those 50-50 balls.  Adding length at that position is a key part of that. Does it put those guys in front of this year?  No it doesn't. There will be great competition at that spot."

"If you talk to Jack Tocho or Mike Stevens or any guys at corner, they welcome that competition and are excited about it."

"If all these guys come in and redshirt it means those guys got a lot better.   If they don't, then we've improved ourselves by recruiting.  Either way, that's the goal. You're able to take some of those plays off the film and add some great plays to the film."

"Putting on good weight and putting it on the right way... keeping them healthy throughout the process."

"There's a lot of things [special about Dylan Parham]. His arm strength, his intelligence... how he processes the game. His competitiveness, his toughness.  Those things are all there."

"He was tough in game because of the way he had to run around. We were fortunate to have him in camp and watch him several times... we know a lot about Dylan. How he was raised.. how he competes."

"Who is ready to play? You don't feel the pressure... you have to stay healthy because some guys could get pushed up the depth chart, but I'd love to say we're going to redshirt a ton of these guys... that would be the plan. You want to fight the urge to be young and have the experience to pay off"

"Some of these guys will be able to come in and compete... what percentage out of the 22 or 23 guys that are on scholarship coming in?"

"It's been almost ten per year that we've played.  If we can get it closer to five or six that would probably be better."

"[Jay Sam] is a unique guy, not just because he has a lot of skillsets but because of the way he can play at his height.  His training made him that way. He played every position coming in here."

"It's hard to say you're going to go out and get another guy like [Samuels]. There's not a lot of guys out there like that. I do think Bryce [Dixon] has a lot of skillsets that he does. Is he going to be able to do all those things? I don't know yet."

"Anytime you can find a guy that may not but is really special on film and we use a guy like that, it gives you a category to talk about the player as.  He's a hybrid."

"No you don't.  We hope [Stallings stays at safety].  When you watch the film there's nothing to say he can't.  He's very fluid... really good basketball player.  Plays in space well, when you watch him play defense as a basketball guy he has no problem getting down low and shuffling, moving, and flipping his hips  You watch him on film he's running and coming in balance and making tackles in spacing... covering guys."

"Clemson just had a big safety, Kearse, who tracked down a lot of guys in the ACC.  I'm not saying that's who he is, but we'd love for him to be like that because that guy was special for them. You see a lot of similarities, and there is a reason he was recruited by all those schools.  They offered him... he' s a really talented guy and coach White did a great job of building that relationship with him."

"We're a 4-3 team, but we play a lot of 4-2-5 coverage systems because of the three our four-receiver sets we defend."

"You can't turn down guys that are 6'2/6'3 that can run with long arms... especially guys that play both ways. A lot of them play corner at 6'2 and look good doing it."

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