SCOUT NOW: Doeren Talks PACK16 Haul

NC State Head Coach Dave Doeren discusses his 2016 recruiting class with Scout and

Thanks for joining us on Signing Day.  It's been a long process.  What do you think of your class for this year?
"Well, we're really excited. We added 27 players and guys from all over our recruiting areas. 13 in-state players... to be able to bring in three from Florida, three from Georgia, three from Virginia, and two from South Carolina at a lot of positions.

"We really feel like we got longer at a lot of key spots.  At receiver, 6'3 with Kelvin Harmon, 6'5 C.J. Riley... Daeshawn Stephens is 6'1, but he has a 6'8 wingspan.

"Seven offensive linemen and three tackles with a 6'8, 6'10, and 7'1 wingspan... three corners over 6'2.

"Some needed length added to our team and some competitive depth.

The name that sticks out to the common fan is Thaddeus Moss  the son of Randy Moss. What was it like recruiting the son of Randy Moss?
"The recruitment was all about his son Thaddeus. Randy made it clear all along to coach Eddie Faulkner, the lead recruiter, that it wasn't going to be about what Randy wanted.  It would be about Thaddeus and who could develop him and provide him the opportunity he needed to have the best college experience he could have.

"Tight end coach for us, Eddie Faulkner, did a great job of being consistent and being steady... creating that environment and that relationship with Thaddeus.

"Once it was narrowed down to that final three, Randy did get involved, and we were able to talk about some key things for their family, things that were very important that he felt we covered with Thaddeus. After that, it was on Thaddeus to make the decision.

"A lot of people may have expected him to be hands on or involved, but it was the opposite. He really let Thaddeus control the process."

What is your pitch for players to come to NC State?
"It's a diamond in the rough. A lot of people don't understand how great it is to live in Raleigh, North Carolina and be in this area. The quality of life here... it's one of the fastest growing cities in the nation.  The amount of outside things going on from a community standpoint... the internship opportunities.  The growth we've had because of our chancellor, Chancellor Woodson.

"We sell out every game and have a tremendous fanbase here, Wolfpack Nation.  The conference we're in right now with the way we're playing football in the ACC... who we get to play in a yearly basis. This year we'll get to play Florida State and Clemson like we always do but we'll get to play Notre Dame and Miami.  The following year we'll get to play in Charlotte, Bank of America Stadium against South Carolina.

"You get to play in a tremendous conference in a tremendous place to live on a campus that offers all kinds of things outside of the normal experience.  It's a staff of guys that loves to be around their players, and develop their players not just as football players but as men... future husbands, future fathers.

"It's a great place. I feel fortunate to be here, and I'm really excited about what we're building."

We miss guys out there... who are a couple who could overacheive for you?
"You know, it's hard to single a guy out that way, there are stories every year about the two-star guy... obviously Russell Wilson was one of those here at State, and J.J. Watt was one of those at Wisconsin when I was there.

"It's hard to single one out... our defensive tackle, Shug Frazier played tremendous competition at Buford High School and had a great career there.  He was well-coached by coach Simpson.

"We try to recruit as many players from winning programs as we can... there's a lot of guys as you go through this roster. Kendall Brown has three state championship rings.

"Kelvin Harmon has developed early and can have a huge impact.

"Brock Miller is a linebacker from Florida with a 40-inch vertical.  Tremendous upside... he'll have to develop some, but he's a guy who could have a huge future for us."

I know you're busy Dave, thanks for the time.
"Thanks for having me guys. Go Pack."

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