Once the dust settled on signing day, NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media to present the class of 2016. In part one of this two-piece series Pack Pride recaps Doeren's thoughts on the defensive recruits signed by the Wolfpack.

Defensive Tackle Shug Frazier
Frazier comes from Buford High School, we call him ‘Shug’.  He was coached by Coach Simpson down there at one of the best programs in the state of Georgia.  They were state runner ups this year.  He was the Atlanta Journal’s Defensive Player of the Year and first team all-state.  He’s been on campus multiple times and come up to camp here. 

He was a highly-recruited young man that has a great relationship with Coach Nielsen.  The more that his mother and his dad came up here the more that she understood that we could help him grow into the man that he wants to be.  We’re really excited about his future and appreciate the way that he went through the process. 

Shug is a guy that committed to us relatively early but he had a ton of SEC schools trying to get him to talk and change his mind but he never went there, he was loyal all the way through and that means a lot.  He played against really good competition.  He’s a big guy that can really move his feet and push the pocket.  

Linebacker Garrett Hooker
Garrett Hooker is a young man that really works hard.  He’s a physical linebacker, strong, very good tackler.  He had an unfortunate injury in his senior year, he was averaging 22 tackles a game as a senior before he broke his foot and had to miss part of the season. 

He’s one of the most improved guys from his sophomore summer camp to his junior summer camp.  He really worked hard to change his body.  He has great instincts.  He got in here early so he has the opportunity to get where he needs to be physically with Coach Thunder and the guys. 

Again, he’s a physical linebacker from in-state and a guy that is a contact player.

Linebacker Brock Miller
Brock came up here a couple of summers ago for camp and was pretty raw.  He was playing receiver, tight end, outside linebacker and playing some safety.  His head coach there, Mike Watkins is a good friend, I’ve known him for a while now.   Mike called me that day and said, "I’ve got a guy coming up that I think is a really good athlete, not sure where he’s going to end up but I think he’ll be a linebacker."  

We put him out there and we thought he was a really good athlete just like Mike had said, he was raw but Brock worked really hard and got so much better.  Last year he was one of the better players that we had and ended up with 25 sacks, which was 9th in the country last season and 65 tackles for loss so he’s a really disruptive player at his high school.

Safety Tim Glass
Tim Glass is maybe one of the earliest kids I’ve offered since I’ve been here.  He comes from George Washington High School up in the Danville area.  Coach Barlow recruited him and we had him on campus as a freshman. 

He’s a versatile guy as he plays both receiver and safety and has played some in the nickel position as well.  He comes from a really good football program that was 12-2 this year.  He’s a physical guy.  He got to play here, in the city some when his team came down to play Athens Drive.  He had a tremendous game that night. 

He’s a guy that can play in the box and out of the box.  We really enjoyed getting to know him and spending time with his family up there in the Danville area.  Tim has been a part of what we’re doing now for almost three years so we know him extremely well and we’re excited to get him down here.  

Safety Isaiah Stallings
Another state champion in both basketball and football.  He has a school record, there at Terry Sanford, with 17 interceptions.  He also had over 150 tackles and played really well in the Shrine Bowl.  Another tall guy that has range at 6’4 with good cover skills. 

You can see him doing a lot of different things on film, whether its playing in space or playing in the box or covering people or just being rangy in the middle of the field.  He has great ball skills.  One of the things I really loved is how much ground he would cover and how he can bend. 

He may be one of the nicest kids you’ve ever met but when he gets on the field, he’s got some nasty to him, and I love that about him.  

Cornerback James Valdez
James Valdez is a corner that Coach Kitchings recruited from Orangeburg, South Carolina at Wilkinson High School.  We’ve had him in camps and seen him a lot.  He was one of our earlier commitments. 

Another guy that has played in all-star games and played extremely well all season down there.  He also played on offense and had 18 catches for 400 yards and helped his team advance to the playoffs. 

He’s a guy that has good instincts and gets his hands on a lot of footballs.  He’s also a guy that is mature physically, when he walks in he doesn’t look like a high school guy.  Obviously the mental part is the biggest part when you come in but he’ll have a chance because of his physical attributes early on.

Cornerback Bryce Banks
Banks is a long defensive back, played corner, nickel and safety at his high school in Columbia, Missouri.  I have a great relationship there with their head coach.  Coach called me when Mizzou had made some changes there on their staff, when Coach Pinkel retired, Banks had an opportunity to open up his recruitment because he had been an early commitment to Mizzou. 

I’ve known that coach for a long time and have coached several of his players.  He reached out to me about Bryce and we were able to go out there, myself and Coach Barlow and get him in for a visit.  He was a mid-year guy so we had to turn it around quick. 

We’re excited about him because he comes from a really good program and he was really well coached from a place that’s put a lot of players out—most that went to the Big 12. 

He’s a young man that has family in the Richmond area so this wasn’t considered too far from home for him. To get a guy with his length, at 6’2 that’s played, not just corner but also at safety.  If he grows into a safety then he does. He has long arms and has ball skills.  He comes from a championship program there, one of the better programs in the state of Missouri year in and year out. 

Cornerback Nick McCloud
Coach Faulkner recruited McCloud from down around the Rock Hill area just across the border in South Carolina.  Again, another long corner that plays both ways.  He’s an excellent basketball player as well.  He has ball skills as he caught 33 passes for 350 yards as a junior. 

Excellent football team, state championship team.  Nick is an excellent student, a member of the National Honor Society.  Again, he’s a multi-sport guy that plays both sides of the ball that has length and ball skills.

Cornerback J.J. Givens
Givens is a corner from Mechanicsville, Virginia.  He was originally committed to South Carolina and when the coach retired there he opened it back up and took some visits. J.J. has been down here several times for games during his process.  Coach Barlow did a really nice job staying in touch with him throughout the process. When he came down here in late January he knew it was a really good fit and got to be close friends with several of our guys. 

Again, a tall corner that will need to gain some weight but he can run, has long arms and has really good ball skills.   He had over 1,000 yards receiving on offense and 22 pass break ups on defense with 6 interceptions.  He’s a guy that was really productive on both sides of the football. 

In his film you’ll see him at receiver making plays with the ball in his hands.   That was the one thing I felt like we needed to do, going back to the original comments about length, was to find guys that have either long arms or height that can make plays on the ball and its up to us to develop them and get them big enough from a physical standpoint getting off blocks and tackling the bigger backs that we face or the bigger tight ends. 

It's hard to coach height or length so thats something we really focused on in this class.

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