Once the dust settled on signing day, NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media to present the class of 2016. In part two of this two-piece series Pack Pride recaps Doeren's thoughts on the offensive recruits signed by the Wolfpack.

Quarterback Dylan Parham
Parham is our quarterback in this class.  He’s a local kid from Southeast Raleigh.  His father went to State as well and got an engineering degree. 

He’s got a strong arm and he’s a big-body kid, built like Jalen McClendon body-type wise. He has good length and can run.  He’s here already and developing and learning and spending time with Coach Eli.  As a senior he had to run a lot, had to run for his life at times.  The guy is really competitive.  We thought he was a positive guy and a good leader. 

He’s been out to our camp every year that I’ve been here, he’s got a good touch but also good arm strength and its going to be fun to watch him develop in our program.  He’s another excellent student. 

Offensive Guard Joe Sculthorpe
Joe Sculthorpe is from Topsail High School and was one of the best wrestlers in the state last year finishing second in the heavyweight division. 

He’s a big, physical, strong offensive lineman that plays with good leverage.  He played both ways, he had 46 tackles and 5 tackles for a loss last year as a D-Lineman.  He played in the Shrine Bowl as well on the offensive line. 

He’s a really physical guy.  He committed early and again, came from a State family.  We’re excited about his demeanor too, he’s a real tough kid.  Those wrestlers seem to have an edge to them and know how to handle people’s weight and how its distributed and use that against them. 

He’ll be able to pull and play in space.  He’s a big, wide-base, strong kid.  

Offensive Guard Harrison Gee
Harrison Gee is a legacy so to speak but he earned his offer here, he earned it in camp.  He was one of the best kids we had in camp as a sophomore which is when we offered him.  His father Mike played here and he just comes from a  great Wolfpack family.  He’s a kid that was in the Shrine Bowl and also played in the Semper FI came out in California. 

He’s Wolfpack through and through.  I believe he was the first commitment in this class so he’s been committed to us for over a year.  He did it the right way, even though he had connections here he did take visits to compare and contrast but he knew in his heart that this was the best place for him. 

We’re really proud to have him in our family.  

Offensive Lineman Bryce Folsom
Bryce Folsom was a defensive linemen up until his senior year, he played both ways at Chattahoochee down in Alpharetta Georgia.  He’s a guy that we felt like had the ability, with his long arms, he has a 6’8 wingspan, to grow up in weight room for us and develop and be an athletic linemen whether he stays at tackle or moves inside. 

He’s a guy that is a bender that you could see playing multiple positions on both sides of the ball.  He had several offers as a defensive lineman as well but both he and his Dad knew where he was headed which was toward the offensive line.  

Offensive Lineman Kollin Byers
Byers comes from a championship program, here in-state from Shelby (NC) Crest High School.  He’s played all five spots along the offensive line for his school, which was one of the better rushing programs in the state.  They had a perfect year this year, 16-0 and a 16-0 record his junior season.  He played in the Shrine Bowl.  He’s been a long snapper, center, guard and tackle. 

He’s definitely a guy that’s going to develop and get bigger.  We liked his athleticism and his versatility and obviously liked the fact that he came from a winning program like he has. 

Offensive Lineman Justin Witt
Justin Witt is a 6’6 offensive tackle that is already on campus.  He played at a tremendous high school, Lincoln Way West, went to the state championship and lost this year but finished 11-3. 

He’s a long, long kid that enrolled early.  He’s played tackle throughout his career there in high school.  Coach Ernst is  a really good football coach, well-respected guy in the Chicago area and had nothing but great things to say. 

Just watching Justin train you can tell that he works really hard so we’re excited about him.   

Offensive Tackle Justin Chase
Justin Chase is a guy we had down several times early in his career.  He plays tackle for his high school in Chesapeake, Virginia.  

He’s another long guy with a 6’10 wingspan and 6’6 height.  Coach Barlow did a nice job of maintaining that relationship throughout and when Coach Ledford was hired here he had already met Justin so it was an easy transition for him. 

He comes from a great family and we really enjoyed being around them.  Justin has got tremendous upside and we’re excited to get him here and develop him because he’s a guy that’s just going to blossom in our program. 

Offensive Tackle Kendall Brown
Kendall Brown is one of our latest commits of the class and a guy that Coach Ledford brought to me after I hired him as our offensive line coach.  Kendall’s a guy that was playing on the defensive side of the ball until his senior year.  

He’s very long at 6’4 1/2 - 6’5 and he’s only about 265 right now but looks a lot bigger than that with a 7’1 wingspan.  That was the thing for us, to get an offensive tackle with that kind of length and athletic ability to protect our right or left side, but he will play tackle for us. 

He’s from Trinity Christian Academy in Jacksonville Florida and has won three straight championships there, so he comes from a tremendous program.  Again adding a winner to the class that’s an athletic guy with long arms.

Tight End Dylan Autenrieth
Autenrieth is a tight end from North Paulding in Dalla, Georgia... a guy that Coach Faulkner was on early. 

A great young man, excellent student.  He had 40 plus catches his senior year and plays against tremendous competition down there as well.  A guy that we feel can put on some weight and not just play in our H-position, flexed out but also, as he gets bigger, can put his hand down and play inside as our Y. 

For us, with what we do with our tight ends and what Coach Drinkwitz wants to continue to do with them as well is have guys that are versatile that can play inside and outside the box and create matchup issues with linebackers and safeties.  He was also a team captain his junior and senior season.   

Tight End Bryce Dixon
Bryce Dixon is a local product and a coach’s son, his dad is head coach over there at Green Hope.  Bryce was a receiver that grew into a h-back/tight end type. 

He’s done a really great job training himself and getting bigger.  He’s over 6’3 and will be a 225-230 lb guy.  He has really good ball skills and played both ways there.  In his three varsity years he had over 140 catches for close to 2000 yards and 27 touchdowns. 

He’s a productive guy that can play a similar role to what J-Sam plays in our offense where we can move him around.  In high school he lined up some at receive and some out of the backfield.  He’s a guy with versatility that we can move around some in our offense and obviously that’s something we like to do already. 

We like the fact that he played defense because he’s a contact player that played safety and outside linebacker so trying to get him to be a blocker, at least you know the contact aspect of it is something he enjoyed in high school.  We had him here a lot with them coming to our 7-on-7 tournaments every year so we had the chance to watch him grow up.    

Tight End Thaddeus Moss
Moss is another Mallard Creek player for us, played tight end there and Coach Faulkner recruited.  He’s 6’4 and 240 plus tight end, had 54 catches and 13 touchdowns and won another state championship there—three-peat there for Coach Palmeri. 

This is the third year in row we’ve signed a player from Mallard Creek which is just a great program with well coached young men that play with a chip on their shoulder, guys that play early that are serious about winning. 

Obviously coming from his pedigree he knows a lot about football.  We’re really excited about the way he works and what he wants for his career and the way he handled the process and how mature he was throughout it.  He’s another guy that had many many places he could have gone but chose to stay home and help build something special here at State.

Wide Receiver Daeshawn Stephens
Daeshawn is a local guy here from Durham (NC) Hillside High School.  He came to a bunch of our camps, 7-on-7s and just kept impressing us over and over with his ball skills. 

He’s 6’1-6’2 and has really long arms with a 6’8 wingspan so he can get to a lot of balls.  He has big hands and really catches the ball with ease.  He’s not as tall as the other two guys but he has long arms and is a very sure-handed guy.  He made a bunch of catches with bodies around him throughout the season.  He had almost 1,000 yards and 17 touchdowns this past season. 

Coming from that program, where Coach King did such a great job, he’s going to be competitive and he’s going to be tough.  He won a lot of games.  

Wide Receiver Kelvin Harmon
Kelvin Harmon is another guy that was an early commit to South Carolina and then opened it back up and took visits.  Coach McDonald did a really nice job getting to know this young man and his coaches and his father and all the folks that were involved in the process.  He got to know everybody and made sure they understand what we’re going to do and how we want to work with and develop Kelvin. 

He had 165 catches for 2,700 yards and 36 touchdowns in his career and won multiple awards in New Jersey.  He had a chance to go to a lot of different schools and really felt comfortable here. 

Like everybody he has to come down and earn it but he has great upside and has really developed physically.  He’s a good hurdler and high jumper at his high school as well. 

Wide Receiver C.J. Riley
Riley is from North Broward Prep in Coconut Creek, Florida.  He’s a big, long receiver that Coach McDonald was on from the start. 

He’s a 1,000-yard guy that obviously has good height and length but he also has good ball skills, he’s physical and you can see him blocking if you watch his highlights.  He’s a very physical guy without the ball too, which is one of the things that I liked.  He comes from a great family and his Mom was a great athlete herself. 

C.J. is a guy that has tremendous upside for us and adding another guy that can play out at the X=position with heigh and length.  He comes from a really great academic school as well.  Coach Nottage does a really nice job developing his guys and they play against really good competition week in and week out. 

He was a guy that played in several all-star games, the North-South game there and had a chance to be around some really good football players.  

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