VIDEO: Gottfried Talks Duke

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Duke.

“Every team has tried something a little bit different to slow Cat down, whether it is picking him up with fullcourt pressure or doubling him with different guys on the floor. So I think we have seen a lot. I am not sure there is a whole lot left for us to discover or go against but I do think the way Duke played us before and the way Florida State trapped him, we can learn from those games.”

“I think we are still going pretty hard in practice but allowed. It was long. So obviously I need to be smart with Cat as far as practice time goes because he is playing a lot of minutes. He is still one of those guys, like today, he came in and had a great practice and played really hard. We are not going nearly as long as we used to, for all our guys really at this point.”

“I think when you get up there to 37 or 38 minutes, what is a couple more minutes? I am still the guy where if there is opportunities to rest him, I want to. We will see how each game unfolds. Cat is one of those guys that doesn’t appear to look tired much, even when he has been harassed or bumped a little bit here and there, everybody is riding him. He just kind of plays and doesn’t seem like a guy that gets tired.”

“I think every team we play is a little bit different. Certainly in the second half if you go to [the FSU] game we shot 58 percent from the field and had two turnovers. A lot of that probably had to do with the small lineup on the floor. We attacked the basket really well with the small group. We probably still had some matchup issues, they still tried to trap us. It is harder when you have got four guards in the game. So again, we will see if that is something we need to look at again in the future.”

“At times I think we can, but now for us you have got to remember when we go small we don’t have a lot of small guys. At some point, just by sheer numbers we have to play two big guys in a game together just because guys need a blow here and there. It works for us at times. I don’t know that we can do it exclusively for 40 minutes just because we don’t have the numbers -- we don’t have the bodies.

“I thought [Kirk] did good. He got good minutes. I think he has practiced a whole lot better and learning what we are doing. I think Shaun has come along a little bit.”

“I think with Terry we are starting to insert him into some drills here and there. Mostly dummy drills, which is not full contact and not live. He still to me has a very noticeable limp. He favors his leg. I am not going to do anything that is going to potentially hurt him or where he could get injured somehow in another way. It is a wait-and-see for me. I don’t think he is close right now. I don’t know when the date is going to be but he is not anywhere, for me, near putting him in a basketball game.”

“If he is limping, he is not playing full speed for me because we are potentially going to be putting him in a position where he is going to get hurt again and I don’t want to do that.”

“I think, for us, the discussion for a sixth year [of eligibility for Henderson] is something that we will have later on. It is not something we have now. We have to see if and when he can cut it loose and go forward at full speed. Until that day happens there is really no reason to have any discussion about anything else”

“I think the most important thing with Terry is he has told me he does not want to hurt the team. He does not want to get into a game where he can’t defend somebody or he is 80 percent trying to work around on the basketball court. That is not help him or our team. He cares about our team. He doesn’t want to hurt our team so, again, we will wait and see.”

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