Gottfried: "I’m Disappointed For Our Guys"

DURHAM, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the loss to Duke.

"Let me say, number one, I thought that was a great basketball game. I’m disappointed for our guys, but what a basketball game to watch. What a game, up and down."

"I thought both teams just absolutely played extremely hard, and they answered us, and we answered them. They couldn’t really throw the knockout punch on us, but they tried."

"Our guys just kept battling back. I couldn’t be more proud of our team. I’m disappointed, but boy we never laid down."

"I thought probably the difference make, [at] 77-74, I want to say, they fouled the three-point shooter, and Ingram made two and missed one, and they got it back, and I think they made a three on that one. That could have been a five-point play. I think that was the push they needed. Outside of that play right there, I thought our guys, and their guys too, just played their hearts out."

"We have to get regrouped. We are not going to hang our heads, and we’re going to find a way to shore up some things, but I am extremely proud of our competitive spirit today.”


“Well, number one, he’s a good player, and he’s going to find his spots. We started running our double high ball screen for him, and he needed some more room to penetrate in there, but he just needs to find a way. He has got great spirit, and he just kept playing hard and made some phenomenal passes too when he penetrated. He dropped off a couple of passes during the run we had there. He was terrific, just absolutely terrific.”


“When you get ready to play these guys, Grayson and Brandon are two guys you have to focus on more than anything, and I thought we did a little better job with Brandon, and he had some foul trouble which probably helped us a little bit too there, but he never really seemed to get going."

"Grayson made a couple of big shots, but the guy for us throughout the game that really hurt us was Kennard. Luke’s been struggling, shooting 27 percent from the three, and he goes 6-for-11 and made some big shots for them."

"It seemed like every big shot they needed to make, they made it. But even when they made a big shot, we responded, we came right back, and we seemed to answer it. So like I said earlier, they made big plays, and we answered them. And then we would make a good play, and they would answer us. Like I said, that’s a phenomenal basketball game right there for both teams."


“Well, he just fell to the ground and put his hand to the ground, so we’ll see. Obviously, we hope he is healthy, and we will get his wrist X-rayed, and we’ll make sure he is okay and safe, and we will go from there.”


“You know, here’s what I told our guys: You just have to trust me. Just trust me here. I know they’re tired of hearing the same story, but boy I tell you, if they keep playing as hard as we’re playing, and we keep competing like we’re competing, we will play here and there and win."

"We play good teams. We’ve played a number of games in our league against teams that will probably be NCAA Tournament teams, maybe more than anybody else to this point. We are toe-to-toe with everybody. Just keep playing hard. We had great energy today, great enthusiasm today. We have to keep maintaining, and good things are going to happen for our team. We’re not far off. I know I’ve said that over and over again. They just have to trust me that if they continue, great things are going to happen for our guys."


“I thought Malik, you know he got started slow, I thought. He didn’t play well early in the game, and then he really got going in the second half. Cat gave him a couple of great dishes, and he played great on the glass, rebounded pretty good. He’s a young guy."

"A lot of our guys hadn’t ever been in this gym before. I want to say there’s only two of them maybe. Maybe Cat and BeeJay are the only two guys who had played in here before. They withstood the noise of being here at Cameron, and Malik just played really hard.”


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