Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

DURHAM, N.C. -- NC State's Cat Barber and Abuld-Malik Abu discuss the loss to Duke.

“I’ll be alright. It’s just a little bump. I fell, and it bent. I should be good.”

“In the first half, they were [stopping me]. I felt like, during that time, I wasn’t going to score because I didn’t until late. I was like, ‘This is tough right,’ but Coach was like ‘Stay with it, boy. We need you. Go.’ Then I got in my groove, and I picked my spots, and that’s how I stayed with the ball.”


“It was working at the time. They were collapsing on me, and my instincts helped me make the right play and get the ball to the glass.”


“In those situations, you want to score the ball, but sometimes you can’t because there are defenders around you. I think I shot the ball with defenders on me like two or three times, but I had to adjust and pick my spots. I got to the rim, and that opened up my jump shot a little bit, and I pushed them off.”


“He can shoot the ball. He could shoot today. He was confident in his shot, and he was draining them today.”


“It’s tough. They have a lot of guards that can take you off the dribble. They’re great at that, and that’s what they do.”


“We always try to be confident and try to hold that lead, but Duke is good at home and have the fans behind them. They’re going to make a run. We had to stay poised, and I feel like we played hard throughout the whole game, but we just couldn’t come up.”


“I feel like we can’t get down in this league. We have to keep going. When things aren’t going your way, you have to continue to strive for better.”


“It’s big. We have to get in the gym, and we’re going to keep practicing hard. We have a couple more games left, so we’re going to keep fighting to get a win streak going.”

“I feel like we did some things that got the game close.”


“Some calls that we felt were questionable but they got a lot of second-chance buckets. We just made some mental errors.”

“I feel like we are getting closer and closer to closing out these games. We still have a lot of work to do.”

“It just says that we have a lot to give and we still have a lot to give with this team. We still have a lot more to prove everyday. We [need to] get back to practice and try to perfect our craft.”

“It is not frustrating because there is always more games to come but it hurts to lose. I don’t like losing.”

“Cat made some great passes. I got some open [looks]. I didn’t really shoot the ball well and Cat helped me get going and put some numbers on the board. All credit to him and Cody and everybody who helped me execute in the paint today.”

“[The five-point play late for Duke] was definitely a back-breaker there. We have got to come up with that rebound somehow or we should not have fouled the three-point shooter anyway. It is just the little things like that.”

“[The zone defense from NC State] was more so a strategy. We felt that we were giving a lot of dribble drives to the basket but also it is a give-and-take because they have tremendous shooters around the arc.”

“You have got to close out more, see shooters. You know Plumlee is going to be down there ready to catch and dunk. You have got to make sure you don’t give up dribble penetration.”

“”We slowed down Ingram but Kennard stepped up. Grayson did what he does.”

“All we want to do is win. We have got to figure out a way to close out these games, myself included.”

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