AUDIO: Cat Barber On The Mark Gottfried Radio Show

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Tony Haynes and Mark Thomas visited with Anthony Barber on Monday's Mark Gottfried Radio Show, which originated live from Jimmy V's Osteria & Bar in downtown Raleigh. Here is audio from his segment, courtesy of

 Tony Haynes and Mark Thomas visited with Anthony Barber on Monday's Mark Gottfried Radio Show, which originated live from Jimmy V's Osteria & Bar in downtown Raleigh. Here is audio from his segment, courtesy of

AUDIO: Cat Barber On Mark Gottfried Show

"[Barber's hand] is good.  It's been bruised.  I get briused a lot, but I'm good.  [NC State fans] don't have to worry about that."

"Everytime I get hurt [coach Gottfried] always says, 'You're alright.  You can't get hurt.'  Next thing you know, I'm not hurt.  I'm playing still."

"It was hurting at the moment, but I iced it."

"My hand was stuck, I couldn't move it. I thought something was really messed up until I got up and started moving around. I was alright."

"[Coach K] was just saying that my game has got way better, and I'm one of the best players in the country. It's hard to guard me one-on-one and that's why a lot of teams throw so much stuff to try and slow me down.  He was saying what a tremendous job I've been doing all year, getting better.  He was just congratulating."

"I've worked tremendously hard in the offseason with my shot, my decision making, my shot selection, and just being a leader on the court."

"I want to get more wins, but individually, I think I'm playing at a high level."

"I feel like I'm the leader of the team and the guys are going to feed off my energy and feed off what I do... I have to have enthusiasm. The coaches always say to lead by example and get everybody involved."

"In the Duke game I didn't score the first 14 minutes... when I wasn't scoring I just stayed positive, tried to find people, and get people involved."

"Once I got that first shot off the three I felt it was time now."

"During that Duke game we made adjustments to get me open and get other guys involved."

"I feel like we're getting close.  From the beginning of the year when we came out everybody wasn't playing at a high level, but I feel like now everybody is coming along."

"Mav is young.  He came in and had to make big shots.  I think he's made big shots during the course of the year.  I feel like Mav is going to get better, and he's doing better right now."

"Guys are stronger, bigger, and faster.  It's something you have to come in and adjust to."

"In high school, you do what you want. I did what I want. I could go 100 miles per hour whenever I wanted to do... in college you can't do that... you have to change paces."

"Cody can play all five positions. I feel like he's a good enough ball-handler to where when they deny me he can handle the ball."

"He can be very good. I tell Malik all the time he's bigger than everybody out there.  Go to the rim, jump, dunk... stop trying to shoot jumpers.  I'm not saying you can't shoot, but take advantage.  I told him that if I had his size and weight I'd be dunking on everybody."

"He knows he can do it... he just has to do it."

"I don't answer [Dennis Smith] when he calls me [Tony]."

"I liked the way Miguel came out... was that Miguel?"

"I grew up liking LeBron a lot."

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