AUDIO: Dave Doeren's Spring Radio Show

Tony Haynes and Mark Thomas visited with NC State head coach Dave Doeren this week for a special radio show where Doeren discussed a variety of topics. Here is the audio from his show, courtesy of

 Tony Haynes and Mark Thomas visited with NC State head coach Dave Doeren this week for a special radio show where Doeren discussed a variety of topics. Here is the audio from his show, courtesy of

AUDIO: Dave Doeren Radio Show

General Thoughts On 2016 Recruiting Class...
"We knew we needed to continue to build depth at some key spots in the secondary and the offensive line."

"We wanted to get taller at receiver and defensive back."

"We weren't really looking for a tailback because of what we did the year before, and to be able to get the three tight ends we did I thought was important."

"Obviously getting Thad at the end... it was a great finish to the class."

"The length of the class is probably what sticks out... 6'1, 6'2, 6'3 DBs... 6'3, 6'5 wide receivers. Several offensive linemen that are 6'4, 6'5, 6'6 and a couple of guys with 7-foot wingspans."

"We got another really good interior defensive lineman with Shug Frazier. To me that's something we've done well that we want to continue to do well."

"For me, this season we were competitive in every game and when we got competitive against the teams we didn't beat, they just started to throw it up high and vice versa.  Our receivers struggled with going up against some of the bigger corners. We just feel like to take the next step and beat the Florida State's and Clemson's we want to be able to match up with their perimeter players better. We've done well on the line of scrimmage against a lot of teams, but on the perimeter it hasn't been consistent enough."

Thoughts on recruiting strong high school programs...
"Shug Frazier is from one of the best programs in the country... they are so well-coached, the facilities... you're getting a guy who has been in [what's like] a college program for four years there.  It's a really, really good football team with a great coach. That kind of a kid on your team is a big deal."

"Mallard Creek has won three in a row.  The offensive lineman that coach Ledford was able to get for us down the stretch, Kendall Brown at Trinity Christian, three straight championships as well."

"Some of these guys have two to three rings each... Nick McCloud from South Pointe is another one."

Thoughts on Recruiting Mallard Creek with the success of Jaylen Samuels...
"I think it's a trust factor.  Thad Moss had every school in the country recruiting him."

"To have Jay Sam here, who was an All-ACC player, and Vernon Grier, who redshirted but really loves it here and has been treated well... their coach, Palmeiri, respects what we do and trusts what we do. When he can go to those parents, who really trust him because he's a really good coach, he can tell them he's not going to say where to go, but if you go to play for coach Doeren at NC State, your son is going to have a great experience, I trust him.  That means a lot." 

"When it's coming down to three schools, and he can't say that about the other two, that might be why you get them."

Thoughts on recruiting Florida...
"There are great players and a lot of them leave and go all over the country to play. Coach McDonald and myself, along with coach Huxtable, have good ties down there.  McDonald has recruited down there for every school he's coached at. You have to take advantage of those."

"When coach Amato was here, he opened up a floodgate and a lot of those people down there remember those kids here who had success. NC State isn't a school people don't recognize.  People know who we are and what the players who have been here have done."

How do you feel about guys who want to stay uncommitted until Signing Day.  Is that tough?
"It's very tough.  I tell all these guys it's their journey, but they have to understand the business end of it from our standpoint. If we fill up and they are trying to have fun with the hats on their table they may not have a shcolarship to sign. That's real.  That happens to some kids, and it's happened every year I've been here. There's kids we would have taken had they committed earlier, but at the end didn't have a spot for them."

"That's the business end of it."

Thoughts on Kelvin Harmon...
"For us, he's a really, really good get. A very mature guy, he's doing great in track.  He was worth the wait, and coach McDonald felt like we were going to get him. Sometimes you have to go down to the wire for those guys."

When you start recruiting offensive linemen... they truly don't know after that.  What do you look for?
"You want to see that they can bend.  It's hard to coach a guy into being a good bender.  If they can bend that helps. If they have long arms, we can't make their arms longer in college."

"Broad shoulders... long-armed guys that can bend. The strength coach has to do his job and get them big enough. A lot of times, those guys with those frames can get as big as you need them to get."

How much of a sale was it to get Harrison Gee?
"Harrison doesn't give you a lot when it comes to how he feels about hings. He did compare us to four or five schools locally, and after he did that he committed and said he hated every one of those schools."

"He was our first commit. He was great.  He was here for everything. He's built a great relationship with his class, and a lot of those offensive linemen have got to know each other really well already."

Thoughts on Eli Drinkwitz...
"The guy plays with a lot of tempo, very balanced, but aggressive. I like how he uses the field, not just down the field with play-action but a lot of quick screens to get the ball in space to guys and let them do things with it."

"He took a freshman quarterback who wasn't the starter and averaged 50 points per game and over 500 yards a game.  It says a lot when you can do that with an injury at that position.  He had a 1,000-yard rusher, and a 1,000-yard receiver."

"He has some really neat influences on what he does.  He's a high-energy guy, super positive, he's from the South, a good family man.  I thought he'd be a great fit in our program, and he has been so far."

Do you see where the indoor facility helped with recruiting?
"I don't know if it was the difference, but it was a positive impact.  We took every recruit we had through there and in camp... every single person has had positive comments to say about it."

"For me this was the first offseason we've had to use it.... it's been huge. The guys are throwing on their own, having 7-on-7s by themselves... we couldn't do that.  It should help our guys developmentally a lot."

The quarterback competition... everyone knows about Jalan McClendon.  Is it a competition?
"Right now it is. We'll see how long it goes. Jakobi Meyers we redshirted last year, and everybody is excited about him as a person and an athlete. We'll see how competitive that is going to be."

"I look forward to watching all of those guys.  They are all on a level-playing field learning Eli's offense. We brought Dylan Parham in from Southeast Raleigh, he's on campus and graduated early. Woody and Josh Taylor, the walk-on kids for us have done a great job in our program."

"All five of those guys are excited... whoever wins it will earn it, and whoever is next in line better be ready to play because you neve rknow when it willb e your turn."

How is Matt Dayes progressing from his injury?
"Matt is doing really good.  He's worked out with the team and doing everything on-schedule, if not ahead."

"The plan for the spring is to have him out there for individual and non-contact drills. We won't put him in a place where he can get injured going into his senior year.  He'll be full-go for the summer, and if you ask him he's fine, but there willb e precaution. With it being a foot we'll make sure we do the right thing."

Thoughts on facing North Carolina on a Friday...
"I think all of us in-state would like our games to not be on Friday nights because of high school football, but there are some things the ACC has with ESPN that they don't ask me my opinion. I don't get an opinion and that's how it is. You don't complain about the things you don't control."

"We're excited that game is at the end of the year.  It's a great time to have it."

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