Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media after the win over Wake Forest.

“I’m used to it by now. He could score 50, and I wouldn’t be surprised.”

“He didn’t get 40, so I think he needs to do a little bit better next time. He’s unguardable realistically. Either you foul him, he’s going to make a layup, or he’s going to make a pass for another player. Definitely, winning is going to help his case for ACC Player of the Year, but I think he really, truly deserves it for what he does for our club.”

“He got going toward the rim. Once they couldn’t hand-check him since the refs got on that, he was unstoppable from there since you can’t really stand in front of him.”

“He can take over because he’s a tremendous free-throw shooter and he’s lightning quick. It’s always in his favor when they’re against him.”

“It was good. Like I said yesterday, we fought, and at practice, we practice hard. We came out today with enthusiasm, and everybody was locked in and played the whole game.”

“The refs had a few bad calls, and we had to play through it, but it was kind of rough. With our bigs getting into foul trouble, Coach had to keep rotating to keep somebody fresh out there, but we pulled through it.”

“Every game is a must-win. We did it today, so I think we can keep getting wins.”

“I sold it more. In the first half, when I shooting the ball, there were clearly fouls, but we can’t make the refs change the calls. In the second half, I was really being more aggressive.”

“I heard the fans, but I’m not a selfish player like that. It would have been points for me, but I’m not like that.”

“It feels good to get this win, but it’s a quick turnaround. Tomorrow, we have to practice hard. We’re going to enjoy this win tonight, but after it’s over with, we’re going to get ready for Virginia.”

“Locking in and doing the same things on defense, rebounding, and the little stuff we did today. We have to do more of it at Virginia.”

“That was a good event for me personally. I was the second guy in school history to have that done. I came back after my wrist messed up and played through it.”

“I feel like today is the start of us coming back from losing. This is a great start to continue into the next game.”

“That’s regular. This happens all the time. We know what we can do.”

“Definitely. After going through a streak of losing, we feel like every game is the next game we have to have. We’re coming out, and we’re trying to play every game like this game. It’s not like this is a certain game that we’re just keying on. I think with the week that we had off, we were just anxious to come out here. Hopefully, this will get the ball rolling a little bit. We’re trying to figure things out with us playing about seven or eight players and trying to stay out of foul trouble.”

“I didn’t know how many seconds I had left, but when I saw it go in, that’s when I grabbed my head. I love seeing those go in. It’s definitely a confidence booster. That’s when you’re just feeling it. I hit those first two, and as a shooter, when you see those go in, it definitely helps out a lot.”

“During the middle of the season, everybody goes through a slump here and there. We just try to figure out ways to get through it. My teammates have done a good job of helping me get out of my slump. They’ve kept the ball coming to me, told me to keep shooting it, and helped me keep my confidence up. In the past couple of games, I’ve been getting going a little bit. I’ve been taking better shots, and I’ve been taking more high-percentage shots.”

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