Gottfried: "They Were The Story"

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the loss to Virginia.


"They went 6-for-9 from three in the second half and we went 0-for-9 from three.  That was probably the difference. We had some shots we didn't make, and they capitalized on it... seemed to really get their offense clicking."

"Perrantes made some big shots, and I thought Malcolm obviously made some too."

"We haven't had a lot of halves like that... it was a tough half, that second half."

"They were the story, not us. They were the story. They played terrific."

"Yep, they did a great job. Collectively as a team, they kind of doubled every ball screen and stayed with him for a long time. They did a great job of cutting down some of his opportunities to penetrate."

"At halftime it's 31-all and the first half was probably Cat's worst half of basketball... we were tied at 31 without Cat doing a whole lot."

"We had a bad start to the second half. We missed some open shots and they made some... got on a little run. We fought back for a while and the bottom kind of fell out for a little bit on us. That was to their credit. They played like a Top 10 team in the second half."

"[Wilkins] played really well for them.  He got some good offensive rebounds.  Perrantes and Brogdon were the difference makers for them."

"They went 6-for-9 for three, we went 0-for-9.  That's a pretty big spread right there."

"They doubled Malik in the post... I thought Malik came out of there with a couple of really good passes... he threw it across to Maverick once and Caleb once.  Against Virginia, you have to make those."

"They defend you really well. When you get the open ones there's more value to those, and when you don't make those the game gets a little hard."

"We did have a couple of good looks, just had a struggle to score the ball in the second half."

"Nah, kids... you just bounce back and play.  I loved how we played in the first half on the road; just didn't have a great second half."

"We haven't had a half where we seemed to play that poorly. I think Virginia had a lot to do with it, no doubt about."

"We'll flush that out and get back ready to play this weekend."

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