Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA -- Several NC State players met with the media after the loss to Virginia.

"We were hitting shots in the beginning and in the second half we didn't hit as many shots as we planned to."

"There was a stretch where they had a pretty good shot."

"It doesn't help when we're not scoring."

"He runs off a lot of screens. You have to give their team credit... they are a good screening team.  He had some open looks and had some contested looks too."

"He made tough shots."

"We're not really big on excuses. You have to give credit to them. They played well."

"They were helping on me a lot, and I couldn't find my shot. I tried to pass the ball. I think they did a great job of locking in."

"It was a challenge.  He's bigger, wingspan... if it was more me and him one-on-one I could have done more, but it's a team game. He got a lot of help from his guys.  Their plan worked."

"It is, but I still have to do a better job of getting through the screens... they ran off a lot of screens... the one he hit he was deep. He was just feeling it."

"It was tough, being that we had one day to practice for them, but I don't use that as an excuse."

"In the first half we played hard.  In the second half they picked us apart."

"It's over with, it happens. It didn't happen the way we wanted it to happen, but we can't dwell on the loss."

"In the second half they came out and hit a lot of shots."

"They were executing tough shots; a couple of them were contested."

"They executed a lot better than us in the second half."

"They do a good job of packing in the middle. They double off on the screens and pack the middle... they did a good job of making him make tough passes and tough shots."

"Sometimes you have one day, sometimes you have four or five days.  You have to come back and regroup."

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