RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Elliott Avent, pitching coach Scott Foxhall, and several players met with the media to discuss the upcoming season.

"The love for this school for me doesn't change."

"We had a fun, fun year. I just feel like every year gets a little better."

"Maybe the history and tradition... the returning players send the message and the work ethic.  It gets better every year."

"This group of players has really worked hard and really come together to do things the right way. I just hope we're good enough."

"It's a system and a team concept, no doubt about it."

"It just seemed like the older guys took over and taught some of the younger guys what it's about."

"Now you just have to hope you're good enough."

"My expectation is to continue to get better everyday."

"It's a long journey... this is a team I like. I'm happy to be going to Myrtle Beach with and playing with."

"A lot of our guys are interchangeable, and Joe is one of them."

"He had a great summer in the Cape Cod League."

"The game will teach us as we go long where guys need to be."

"When you are a starter you have more of a routine."

"I think our team is really close and has some good chemistry."

"Anytime you have a versatile team it adds to the depth."

"It's always good to have a lot of good players at different positions."

"We have a lot of confidence, even though we didn't quite end up where we wanted to."

"I was pretty excited to hear it... we have easily probably six other guys who could throw the first game of the year. For me to do it, it is exciting."

"It's an expanded role."

"We're taking it one game at a time with a very tough schedule."

"These first couple of weeks are very important."

"My off-speed stuff... the change-up was a big one, and the arm speed."

"He looks pretty good there. He has a great internal clock."

"He's not your typical shortstop, but he's going to be good there for us."

"Last year we expected to be really good... it's the same goal this year, but I think people are expecting a little more out of us."

"People think we have a shot to be really good, and that's how we feel too."

"It's nothing new, I did the same thing in high school."

"I've played the position my whole life, so I feel comfortable there."

"I'm definitely more confident with my bat.  I've worked a lot in the offseason at home with my dad and my uncle."

"I want to be a producer at the plate."

"This team is going to do really good this year."

"I'm lucky to have him there for me."

"We're hoping to have a good year this year, but we're going to take it one day at a time."

"We have a deep staff... it could be a good year."

"We're looking pretty strong and can make a run."

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