Gottfried: "They Should Be Anxious To Play"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Clemson.

"For us, we're not thinking about the ACC Tournament... we're trying to figure out how we can be the best we can be tonight."

"The tough thing is in this league it's been difficult for us because of how good the league has been."

"We're concentrating on one game and one practice each day."

"I think Clemson is playing as well as they've played all year long. In the non-conference they've had some tough losses and in the league they've had great, great wins. In my personal opinion, they are a bonafide NCAA Tournament team because of what they've done in this conference."

"We have our hands full playing against them with them playing as well as they have all year long."

"When you are a player and competitor and you have a tough night... he just didn't do a whole lot, Virginia doubled him, those types of things.  If you're a competitor, you can't wait for the ball to be in the air for the next game."

"I think Cat is going to be in the same mindset... Maverick, Caleb. I think we have some guys who aren't happy with how we played in the second half at Virginia."

"They should be anxious to play and ready to get that behind them."

"I really haven't had a difficult time with these guys as far as how hard we've practiced... I've had people come watch our practice and they'll say that doesn't look like a team that's 3-and-whatever in the league.  That looks like a team that's competing for a championship, the way we've practiced."

"We played really well in the first half and the second half got away from us."

"It's difficult to do in this league, but each day stands alone."

"We have to turn around Saturday and have the best day we can have."

"I think we've been able to fine-tune things but more than anything we've had some guys who needed some rest. We had some minor injuries, things that have a chance to heal up."

"We're well-rested, but at the same time we're very anxious to play."

"I'd expect our team to come out with a lot of fire in the game against Clemson."

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