Gottfried: "It's A Good Team Win"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the win over Clemson.

"My first thought is I'm really proud of our team.  We had a day where Cat really struggled, and we were able to find some scoring from a lot of different places. I thought that was important."

"We haven't had very many nights where Cat struggled like that."

"We were able to generate some offense and play through the fact that Cat wasn't playing very well."

"In the first half Caleb made some shots and gave us a big lift. In the second half Maverick had some really big shots."

"The third thing that helped us more than anything was probably our offensive rebounding... we were able to get some points off the backboard."

"Malik stepped up and did a nice job."

"Not by design... I told our team in the locker room that we've struggled, but we've had great practices and great spirit everyday. It says a lot about their character. On a day like today when Cat really struggled our guys found ways to score, and we've depended on him a lot to score the ball."

"Big shots by a lot of different guys outside of Cat, and that ended up being a really big thing for our team obviously."

"Whenever you're playing a lot of younger guys and inexperienced guys you hope they are learning a lot about how to play through difficult situations. Our team has great character. I like our guys a lot. We've recruited some guys who are tough-minded, good-hearted guys.  That helps you a lot."

"Cat will bounce back. He'll be anxious to play on Wednesday, no doubt it.  He struggled today, and good players are allowed to have a struggle here and there."

"I thought [Malik] bounced back from a game where, I don't know if he played bad but he never got going.  They double-teamed him every time... didn't rebound very well.  He still struggled to score the ball one-on-one but he found other ways to score. He went to the backboard probably as good as he have. We found him around the rim a couple of times."

"He's so quick and strong, if he can get to the rim and find the ball he can usually finish it."

"Our whole team had a tough game at Virginia. Nobody was really good, especially in the second half."

"It's a good team win, a good collective, group win for our guys today."

"I think with Maverick, one thing I've learned as I watched him in high school and as we recruited him, he has a healthy cockiness about him, which I like. It's confidence... I'm not afraid."

"In the second half he really got on a roll. I think that says a lot about some of his attributes... I'm not afraid, I'm going to get going. There was a stretch where we went to him over and over again, and he responded well."

"Defensively BeeJay is a difference maker around the basket.  He's hard to score on one-on-one, he gets some rebounds, he alters shots. When guys drive they know where he is... you're looking out of the corner of your eye to see where he is because has a chance to block it."

"Good minutes today from BeeJay. We needed them. With their big guy in the middle, I thought BeeJay was the answer for him, and he did a good job."

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