VIDEO: Pack Players Talk UNC

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against North Carolina.

"I would like to get out and run, and coach would like us to get out and run too. I think that's where we're best at... I think that's where our strengths are. We have to get back to that more."

"We have to keep them off the boards too."

"They got boards at the end of the game when we really needed those possessions."

"No concern, he's fine. He just missed some shots he usually makes, and we know he'll make them.  It's important for him to forget about it and move on to the next game."

"Defend... [Marcus Paige is] going through a slump and things like that, but he's still a good player.  You can't look past that or try to look by that. You still have to play him like he's hot every game."

"We've always been confident. We've had some close games... it does give us confidence and give us momentum going into the ACC Tournament, but we're trying to take it game-by-game and focus on the games coming up."

"We're going to focus on the games coming up, and we're going to play hard... give 110% every game.  Going into the ACC Tournament we have to play our hardest and be positive."

"Anytime you get a chance to run out you want to run and push the ball before the defnse sets up."

"Sometimes you have to play in the halfcourt... I think we'll run more."

They do a trap when I cross the court to try and get it out of my hands."

"I feel like I need to do a better job."

"Every player has one of those days and it wasn't my day. I was missing, fumbling the ball, and little stuff I don't usually do."

"Guys stepped up... Mav, Caleb, BeeJay, all the guys stepped up. I was happy that we won."

"Those guys just stepped up. Maverick stepped up in the second half, and Caleb had a big first half."

"It was crazy.... that game is behind me.  It happened... I feel good."

"I believe we can win all of them."

"I feel like if we can continue to do that we can get some wins."

"I've matured in a way of just staying positive."

"A long time ago if I wasn't playing good I'd mope, settle... not care about nothing.  I feel like I've matured to where if I'm not having a good game I'll make sure my guys do what they need to do."

"I'm happy they came through when I was down."

"They are going to be crucial. Carolina is a good team, It's going to take everyone doing like they did against Clemson."

"We hurt ourselves... we feel like we beat ourselves [at UNC]. We feel like if we can eliminate those mistakes."

"Our biggest focus right now is UNC... we want to take it a game at a time. We know what we're capable of. It's just a matter of putting it together and doing it."

"We're capable of a lot. We feel like we can make a run in any tournament... we feel like we can close out and win all those games.  That's the mentality every team should have. You're not going to go into any game thinking you're going to lose.  It starts on Wednesday."

"It doesn't give us confidence because we'd like to play strong every season... it's never over until it's over. Our same mentality is to go into every game and try to win... work as hard as we can."

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