Person Feels Comfortable at State

Franklinton (NC) athlete Ricky Person is just a sophomore, but he's already a major prospect for NC State.

Two seasons of high school football are in the books for Ricky Person and that means two more remain. If he thinks recruiting has been a big part of his life up to this point then the next two years might make his head spin.

Person (6-2, 196) is only a few months removed from the end of his sophomore season at Franklinton and the time period ranging from the summer til today has seen him emerge as a top player in the state.

Two of the state's four ACC schools (NC State and Duke) have offered Person and Charlotte has too. It might just be a matter of time until word gets out about Person outside the state's borders. That means this time is important for those close to home schools because they have a small window for a head start.

The state's two ACC schools that have not offered (Wake Forest, North Carolina) are not exactly passing on him. Person said that both of those schools are showing interest.

In the meantime the coaches at State are telling him that they would take his commitment today. He has visited NC State more than any other school.

"That's because it's a little bit closer than the other schools. The only reason I haven't been to Duke lately is I've been a little bit busy with sports and all that. I play basketball and that's taken up a lot of my time."

Trips to State are easier and there is another reason the prospect of visiting the school is attractive. He has friendships with a few players who are on the team now.

"I know Johnathan Alston. He's a cousin. He's a receiver up there. I know Nyheim Hines and Johnny Frasier. I have some guys up there that I know. That makes it a little bit more of a good fit but I like State and Duke."

Person said he has visited State more times than he can count for football games, basketball games, regular visits unrelated to any sporting events and everything else that a person might be able to imagine. When he visits now it is not a matter of learning more about the school or figuring out how to navigate the campus. He is seeing people he already knows and finding the comfort zone that already exists when he's there.

"It's a great school. Great academic wise and it has my major. I want to study technology so I think it would be a good school for that. I go up there almost all the time and I like it every time I'm there."

Des Kitchings tells Person often that he likes everything about him as a football player and he believes Person has the makings of a great player who just needs to work on the little things like everyone else. Person worked out at a State camp over the summer and the Wolfpack offered after watching him there.

Put all of that together and it makes NC State a place that Person could see himself at. But for now he’s content to ride the process out for awhile and doesn't see the need to rush a decision.

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