McKay: "It Was The Right Time"

Raleigh (NC) quarterback Matt McKay discusses his commitment to NC State with Pack Pride in this exclusive Q&A.

Raleigh (NC) quarterback Matt McKay discusses his commitment to NC State with Pack Pride in this exclusive Q&A.


When did you know you would be committing to NC State?
I started to feel it early this week. It definitely hit me that NC State was the right place for me. It felt like home, and the coaches were great.  It was the right time.

You previously picked up an offer after camping at NC State last year when Matt Canada was the offensive coordinator.  What was it like getting to know coach Drinkwitz?
It's been great. I like how he's very religious, and he has a great personality. We connected on a higher level really early, which was great.

What has he told you about the offense?
He said it's built around the quarterback.  He's going to do what the quarterback does well, and he believes it's a high-powered offense.  I'm ready and excited.

What do you do well as a quarterback?
Well, not only can I throw, but I can do damage on the ground. I think my ability to read defenses is strong, and I can lead my team to victories.

What do you need to work on?
I would say my accuracy, but you can always work on that... being able to make the perfect pass.

You were up earlier this week for the basketball game against North Carolina.  What was that like?
I was really feeling it that day.  Coach Drinkwitz sat with me and my family at the game, and i loved the atmosphere... the fans.  It was wonderful.

What was today's visit like?
We just talked. I wanted to be around the coaches. I talked a lot with coach Drinkwitz and coach Doeren.  We had normal conversations.

Do you think they were expecting you to commit?
I don' think they were because they weren't pressuring me or talking about it. I thought they were surprised when I committed.

What was the reaction in the room?
They were excited, and my whole family was excited too.  There were a lot of hugs going around.

You attended some local college camps last year, but you didn't go to the NIKE Camps, Under Armour, etc... camps that lead to early recruiting exposure.  How do you think it impacted your recruitment?
I would have probably got more exposure if I did those camps, but God had a plan and he knew what was right for me.  

I'll be at those camps this spring and hopefully I'll be able to get more PACK17 commitments who will be there too.

As an early commitment, do you plan on helping NC State recruit some other players?
I feel like it's my job... the coaches recruit all the players, but I want to help get other players in here and build relationships with them. That's why I'll be at the Junior Day again tomorrow.  It's time to build those bonds.

Do you know any other NC State targets?
I've already started talking to Matthew Butler from Garner and Xach Gill.

You mentioned going to NC State's Junior Day on Saturday.  Previously you stated you would be taking visits to Virginia Tech and Pittsburgh this weekend.  Is that no longer the case?
No sir.  I'll be at NC State.  I'm done with any other visits.

Aren't you young for your class?
I think so... I'm 16 right now.  I turn 17 in late October, and I'll be going in when I'm 17.  I still feel like I'm mature for my age, even though I'm just 16.

What is your current height and weight?
I'm 6'4 and 185 pounds right now.  I think I can get up to 6'5 and around 215... that's where I want to be.

Do you plan on enrolling early?
Yes sir, I'll be enrolling in January.

You are originally from New York.  How long have you been living in Raleigh?
We moved here when I was ten so we've been here six years.

What does it feel like to now be committed to the local school?
Playing for my hometown school will be awesome.  It's great to know your entire city has your back.  Just to have my family around... I'll build from it and go from there.

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