Gottfried: "We Didn't Play Great"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the win over Boston College.

"Let me start off and say, we're really excited to win. We didn't play great tonight, and Boston College played really well.  They got those two guys, Jerome and No. 11, both of them back. They had a full roster, probably had a pep in their step, getting their guys back healthy."

"We had too many mistakes, defensively and offensively... all those kind of things add up."

"Regardless of our record, and we understand it. We don't live under a rock, it's been frustrating at times, but our guys have competed and played hard every night."

"Maverick and Caleb made two huge three's for our team."

"We wanted Cat and Maverick involved, coming off the two screens at the elbow."

"Caleb had poise, he wasn't in a hurry, and he made the right pass. Maverick did a great job of getting open."

"You don't end up with a chance with 1.1 seconds if you quit, and our guys didn't."

"We have to play better, but I'm excited for that last play."

"Cat was the first option, but they did a great job of defending Cat."

"My thought was if we were to get fouled, those two guys have a chance to win the game at the foul line."

"Maverick was the second part of that. I thought they got confused a little bit with Cat and Maverick, and there was a crease there... Caleb let the play develop, and he tried to watch and see."

"We weren't playing very well at all. We came out of a foul shot and we run down the floor with no idea of who we're guarding, things you learn how to do in the fifth grade.  There's only five of them and five of us. It's not like they are hiding."

"We finished the first half really well, gave us a little bit of momentum."

"I'm not going to kid myself and go home and say we played great tonight, we didn't. But, we found a way to win."

"We've got some issues right now.  Lennard was probably as gimpy as I've ever seen him.  He's really hurting."

"Maverick hasn't practiced in a week.  His foot is really sore. We thought he had a fracture, but it's not."

"We're limping in a little bit here, but our guys are playing hard."

"I'm not building a case with excuses, you have to overcome that stuff, but we are a little beat up."

"Our team has pretty much done that most nights. Very few times this year have I felt like we laid down or haven't played hard... that's a character trait of our team."

"I've told our guys, you have a chance to re-write the story of our team this year."

"It's up to us. It's been a tough year, we get it, but we can re-write the story."

"It's huge for us because they hadn't won one in the league, and if we don't score with 1.1 second to go, it's a tough night; real tough night. We were able to survive it and now we get to go to Notre Dame and see what happens."

"They had two guys get back in the lineup that hadn't played... I thought that gave them a lift.  Jerome played really well... Jerome has been at my house 20 times, sitting in my backyard with me.  He was probably licking his chops to play tonight. He's a terrific player, a good young guy. I thought that gave them a lift."

"Clifford was really good in there. We had a hard time with him... he made a couple of left-handed sweeping hooks in there."

"They are getting better as the year went on."

"I'm not going to answer that question. [Cat Barber] has a lot of basketball left to play here. Should be next year here as well, so we'll see."

"I think Maverick has had a great year. You look at his numbers, I think he's done a great job.  He's been up-and-down, but that's typical of freshmen... his foot is hurting him bad and when you're a shooter and your wheel's not underneath you, that's tough."

"What he needs right now is probably a week or ten days of rest... I'm proud of that guy. He's done a good job this year."

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