Carlay Up To Four Offers

Laurens (SC) offensive lineman Summie Carlay has landed four offers including one from NC State, and he talks about that and a recent trip to Raleigh with Pack Pride.

Laurens (SC) offensive lineman Summie Carlay made the move from tight end to offensive tackle a couple of seasons ago and that transition has paid off in a big way on the recruiting trail. The 6-5, 280 pound lineman has recently landed a quartet of offers including NC State, South Carolina, Coastal Carolina and Southern Miss.

Coastal Carolina was the first to offer but the Gamecocks extended Carlay his first SEC offer. That was something that definitely stood out to Carlay.

“South Carolina was my first SEC offer and I was excited beyond words. It’s been a dream of mine growing up as a kid to play big time college football and the fact they would give me that opportunity is just something I can’t describe”

NC State officially threw their hat in the ring a couple of weekends ago when they hosted Carlay for their most recent junior day.

“I was surprised when State offered,” said Carlay. “I just went up there because I had never really been to the Raleigh area before but I was very impressed with the coaching staff and I just wanted to soak in the whole place. It kind of shocked me when they did offer and I was very excited.

“One thing that was really cool to me was Carter-Finley Stadiums. Growing up I had been to a lot of different places but that was one I’d never been to. It looked like it would be a great atmosphere on game day.

“I really liked coach Ledford a lot. He was a great guy. Coach Drink, coach Kitchings, they were all great guys. They are all just really, really class acts and made me feel important and made me feel at home- just real comfortable people to be around.”

One other person really impressed Carlay during his visit and it came somewhat as a surprise.

“When I was at NC State one other person I was really impressed with was the AD, Debbie Yow. She was incredible. The story she shared with all the players was unreal, and it she definitely has a personal connection with everyone on the football team. I thought it was interesting how she was so open to everyone. She greeted everyone. She was just awesome.”

Carlay was at Clemson this past weekend although the Tigers have yet to offer. His dad attended graduate school at Clemson so they’ll very likely emerge as a major contender should they offer at some point.

Carlay hopes to major in Biology and one day become an orthodontist.

As for a college decision, it could come sometime this summer.

“I’ll probably decide in the summertime because I don’t want to go into the season with that kind of thing on my mind. I think it would be selfish to my team. This is our last chance to get a ring so I don’t want that kind of thing from hindering us from doing what we need to do.”

Carlay is on track to graduate early.

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