In this area of the city you will find one of the strongest football programs in Dade County: Edison High School."> In this area of the city you will find one of the strongest football programs in Dade County: Edison High School.">

Profile: Miami Edison High School

Off I-95 heading into Miami (Exit 6-A to be exact), is a nice placed affectinately known as "Little Haiti." <P> In this area of the city you will find one of the strongest football programs in Dade County: Edison High School.

High School: Miami Edison
Head Coach: Corey Bell
2002 Final Record:
Nickname: Red Raiders
Current Wolfpack Targets: LB Brouce Mompremier, OL/DT Jackie Claude, WR Jackie Chambers

Brief Overview: Originally we were all set to visit Killian High School this afternoon, but while arriving at Killian early, we found only one kid that was actually present (we got to Killian about an hour before practice). After deciding to push the Killian visit to tomorrow, we decided to ask the ninth-grader about the local teams. The first thing out of his mouth when asked about Miami Edison: "man, those guys have a defense!"

The Edison High School Red Raiders had what they consider a disappointing year last season. Why? Because they finished 9-1 and lost in the first round of the play-offs.

"We haven't had to push our players much this year," Assistant Coach Eddie Jackson said. "They remember last year and don't want it to happen again. They are already motivated and it's really showed this summer because of the types of gains the kids have made in the weight room."

Edison, which has roughly 2,100 students and the majority is of Haitian decent, is in an area of Miami ironically tabbed "Little Haiti." After walking into the weight-room following a workout, the players made us feel warm and welcome.

"They are a great group of kids and a strong team. They fall back on each other and really have bonded well over the summer while working out together."

Some notable Edison alums are University of Miami graduate William Joseph, current UM star Carlos Joseph, and ex-Wolfpack target Nate Harris. Each of these players have in fact left positive impacts on the current prospects at Edison.

"The guys we have now look up to William and they look up to Carlos. We actually knew Nate was a little rough around the edges, but he's getting things in order and is actually a good kid. He was supposed to report to Dodge County CC today and should be out there for a year or two. I think things will work out with him."

Edison is a hotbed for recruits (as shown by some previous alums) and the college coaches have taken notice. Throughout the month of May, they came in "dozens" to check out the current six or seven D-1 prospects.

"I think we had over ten a day come in, so yes they came by a lot in May," Coach Jackson stated. "It's a good area for kids and these colleges know this. When they come by we show them what the kids have to offer and the kids enjoy the coaches stopping by. It's great for everyone involved."

Three notable prospects, who played well for Edison last season are Linebacker Brouce Mompremier, Offensive Guard Jacky Claude, and Wide Receiver Jackie Chambers. Coach Jackson feels strongly that all three can be solid collegeiate recruits.

"Brouce is actually the silent leader of our team. He's quiet on-and-off the field, but the players follow him as a leader and when on the field he brings it. He's just a huge hitter and plays much bigger then his size. All the coaches tell us that when they come in."

"Jackie Claude is a big, strong athletic kid who can be really good at the next level. He's having so much fun with the recruiting process and at times we have to calm him down and focus because he enjoys that process so much. But when his mind's right and he's focused then he's about as good as it gets on the O-line."

"Jackie Chalmers is the energizer bunny, that's what we call him because he keeps going and going. He worked out with the track team this spring and is a little faster now and he put in a lot of work in the weight room this summer. I'm looking forward to seeing how much better he is because I think we can use him in a lot of ways this year. He's a good kid too."

With all the coaches who have come through Edison over the years, Chuck Amato and his staff at N.C. State have definitely left an impression on Coach Jackson and the entire staff at Edison.

"Oh, we like Chuck and his guys. We think a lot of them. They don't come across as too stressing on the kids and I think the players like that. We follow them a lot and when they do things like beat FSU each year it makes a difference for them on the recruiting trail. Now when they start beating that team down in Coral Gables each year players will REALLY take notice, and I can see it happening. Chuck and his staff do a great job and we have a lot of respect for them."

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