Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

WASHINGTON D.C. -- BeeJay Anya and Maverick Rowan met with the media after the win over Wake Forest.

"Cat did a good job of finding me. I made the shots down the stretch and it just feels good as a team to get the win."

"I wasn’t telling [Gottfried to call plays for him] but I think he knew. My guys did a great job of screening for me. It just feels good to win."

"Making shots and if you keep making shots it just feels pretty good." 

"It is a great feeling. It is hard to describe. It is always a good feeling to see the ball go through the hoop."

"The most made threes I made in high school is 10. I am not really sure what the most is I have made all year. It feels good to get the win. Survive and advance for tomorrow." 

"When it is a clutch situation you better make them. They are coming to you and going to rely on you."

"They are great teammates. We are a big family here and we are just happy for each other."

“I’m undefeated. I’ve never lost at Verizon ever.”

“I wouldn’t say I intimidated them, but I think my size, my length, and my smart basketball IQ on defense bothered him a lot. He’s a strong player. He’s really overpowered a lot of people, but he’s not going to overpower me because I’m not going like that. He did a good job trying to get what he could today, so I commend him on that.”

“He played fantastic. I knew he was going to play good today. He’s a very good player, and he had a great freshman season. I knew he was going to come out today and put it all out. He’s from around here, and his whole family was here. He did a great job, and after the game, I said ‘You’re still little, bro. Don’t forget that.’ That’s pretty much all it was.”

“He just makes it, shot by shot. We knew to keep getting him the ball and run plays for him. He came and knocked them down, so he did a good job of getting his shots off.”

“We just have to control their guards. They’re really good at dribble drives. We have to focus on Brandon Ingram, and just try to keep it right in front of us.”

“It feels great coming to play in front of my family. I haven’t been able to do that in three years, so it was a good opportunity for me.”

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