Gottfried: "It Was A Good Game"

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the win over Wake Forest.

“He does a great job. He’s learning how to use and run routes. I say as if he were a wide receiver, but he’s running his routes really well. I thought today they screened for him really well. He’s made some second-half, late-game shots like this.”

“We had a couple little sets where we closed the gate at the top. Once we got it going, we just wanted to try to get the ball to him.”

“Those were two big plays. I thought Thomas struggled a little bit against him. It’s hard to score over this big body. It’s hard to move BeeJay sometimes.”

“Well, Duke’s obviously really good. We know that. They beat us twice, so we’ve a big respect for them. At the same time, I think our guys have had a great competitive spirit. They’re ready to play. They haven’t always played great, but our guys have played pretty hard. I know our guys will be excited about tomorrow’s chance.”

“It was at his school. It was the first time I ever sat down to say hi. When I first sat down with Maverick, he had just moved from Pennsylvania down to south Florida, and he had practiced with his team in south Florida some, so my first question to Maverick when we sat down was, ‘If your team from Pennsylvania played against your team from Florida, who would win?’ And he looked right at me and said, ‘Depends on which team I’m on.’ I knew right then. I said, ‘I like this guy.’ He’s kind of had that confidence the whole time.”

“Well, I think he’s had a really good freshman year, and we forget at times that he is a freshman and that he only played three years of high school basketball. He could have been playing high school basketball this year. Keeping all that in context, I think he’s had a great freshman year. He’s made some big plays for us at key times. He’s made big second-half shots for us at key times, not just the Boston College shot. He’s made a bunch of them throughout the year. He’s only going to get better, but he is a confident, young guy. You like that about athletes when they’ve got a little swagger like he does.”

“I thought Cat was getting a little tired and struggled a little bit. We were trying to find some scoring, to be real honest. I thought once Maverick made one, we were going to keep going to him. I thought our guys did a good job of screening for him. He did a good job of using the screens and running his routes, and it worked out pretty good today.”

“That’s what I was saying. He’s made big shots late in the game for us a lot this year, but I think what it says is that he’s a young guy who’s not afraid. He’s not afraid to take it, even if he misses it. He’s not afraid to do it. I think he’s tough enough to handle the results either way, good or bad. To be a good player, you have to have that kind of a mindset: a fearless, confident mindset. That’s a trait I saw in Maverick the time I ever watched him play. He’s going to get better and better.”

“I just thought it was a good game. I thought our guys hung in there and kept competing. That’s one thing our team has done a lot this year. We haven’t always had the results we want, but one thing our team has done is that they keep playing hard. They don’t quit. They don’t pout. They keep trying to make an effort, and it paid off for us today.”

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