Doeren: "Today Was Tough"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media after Tuesday's practice.

How was Emanuel McGirt?
Today would be a good day to watch the film. He was going against Chubb and Kentavius almost every snap. He competes hard, I can say that.

A lot of it will be the little things... details, but he has the athletic ability we're looking for... for sure.

Did he go against Rose and Chubb on the scout team last year?

How did you evaluate Bradley Chubb's play last year?
He was our most productive defensive lineman, and that's the first thing you look at is production. The next thing you do is get critical, and you look at things you can work on... making sure you're at the back shoulder of the quarterback instead of the front shoulder.  Playing with more consistent... production I guess would be the best thing for him to say. At time he'd get fatigued and have a bad play and let it affect the next.  

Learning how to grow and mature from those kind of things.  But, for a first-year starter at a new position, I thought he had a really good year.

Germaine Pratt says he's lost 10 pounds and is in the 220s... missed tackles is something he says he needs to get better at. How much of an impact can he make at safety?
Well, a lot of the big plays given up were due to missed tackles, and not at just that position. For us to be what we want to be we need to be a better tackling defense on a consistent basis.  It's the four or five big ones that you miss and you don't have the pursuit angle you need.

Germaine is playing a key role in that at safety.  It's the last guy at times to have that opportunity.  He's very hard on himself, and he missed a couple last year. That's something he's focused hard on this offseason.

How is Johnny Frasier progressing?
He's getting a lot of reps.  In individual he's looked good. In some of the team stuff it's been difficult because our offensive line has struggled with our d-line.  For a running back to get a rhythm... there's not a lot there to run through it's tough.

He's getting soaked right now.  He's getting a ton of work.

What can he give you that you maybe didn't have last year?
Well, he's a big back that has good speed.  He's kind of a combination of Reggie and Matt because he can break away and run from you, and he's big.

I wouldn't say we didn't have that.  When we had a healthy backfield we had a lot of those things.

How is the offense progressing?
It was a tough day today.  The first two days of the spring I was pretty impressed, but today was tough.

It's hard when you can't do what you want to do on the line of scrimmage and stuff on the perimeter that might have been a good play didn't happen because the ball couldn't get there.

They are absorbing it and working hard. They have good attitudes. It's going to come in time... to get some of these guys back off the IR on offense will help us.

Where do some of those guys stand?
Jumichael Ramos is day-to-day.  Matt Dayes and Reggie Gallaspy are out for contact for the spring. Tyler Jones and Garrett Bradbury had the flu today, so you're talking about five starters. It was tough for the offense to deal with that.

Tony Adams is limited and we're trying to protect him because he was out when we started spring ball. He's working his way back.

What do you think the strength of the offense will be?
Our tight end group, our running backs, and our wide receiver group have a lot of guys back that have played.  The experience is with those three groups.

You have some inexperience on the offensive line and at quarterback so those two groups have the farthest to go.

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