Over the last three years prospects such as Andre Maddox, Pat Thomas, Stephen Tulloch, and Miguel Scott have all inked with the Wolfpack."> Over the last three years prospects such as Andre Maddox, Pat Thomas, Stephen Tulloch, and Miguel Scott have all inked with the Wolfpack.">

Profile: Miami Killian High School

Miami (FL) Killian High School can be considered the closest thing to a "pipeline" between N.C. State and a Florida school. <P> Over the last three years prospects such as Andre Maddox, Pat Thomas, Stephen Tulloch, and Miguel Scott have all inked with the Wolfpack.

High School: Miami Killian
Head Coach: Billy Rolle
2002 Final Record: 9-2
Current N.C. State Alums: Andre Maddox, Pat Thomas, Stephen Tulloch, Miguel Scott
School Nickname: Cougars

Brief Overview: Last season, Coach Billy Scott and the Killian Cougars were led by a strong group of seniors, particularly NC State signees Stephen Tulloch and Miguel Scott.

"Both are great high school players and just like any other young kids, the potential is there. Tulloch is a strong kid, about 6-foot 220 pounds and led us in tackles the past three years. Miguel is a little raw right now but if they need him to play right now he can. He's a great athlete who also ran track and is probably a 10.6/10.7 guy in the 100. He's just a great athlete, but they both were high school superstars."

Despite the loss of Tulloch and Scott, this year's team is full of returning talent that could lead Killian to a district championship.

"We have some experience, but we just have to come together as a team. We have a lot of great individuals but coming together is what we have to do. It just depends on how well we play as a team and that will determine how far we go."

The top two college "prospects" on the Cougar squad have already made verbal commitments. Running Back Bobby Washington and Defensive Back J.R. Bryant are verbally committed to the Miami Hurricanes. Coach Rolle thinks highly of these two studs.

"Bobby's second to none. He'll be a three-year starter and he's just an all-around football player who could probably play any position on the field. He's one of those kids I could stick at any position and without showing him the stance he would know it. He has all the speed and quickness in a 6'1 208 pound frame. He's one of those that comes around every ten or so years."

"[J.R.] Bryant is another that goes into that mold of 'athlete.' He can play both sides of the ball and has great hands and speed. He needs to work on his tackling a little bit but his height and weight makes him a top prospect. He has the knowledge of the game as well and will be a great defensive back at the next level."

On this tour of Florida, I've noticed the difference in sheer athleticism and D-1 football recruits between the state and others. Coach Rolle feels that a variety of reasons contribute to the talent in South Florida.

"We have a lot of good Little League teams so I think the sport catches the kid's eye early. We have spring football and that helps too but I feel more or less the interest level is key. It's the sunshine state and we are always outside so football is big here. I just think with the development of Pop Warner it's really helped the football in Miami."

With prospects like Washington and Bryant in the fold, Miami continues to land the top recruits each year. Why is that?

"The lure to Miami is the NFL.. it's that simple," Coach Rolle said. "It doesn't have much to do with academics or facilities, but it's the shot of going to the NFL. The NFL scouts trust the system at Miami and they know the players will perform well once they are in the league so I really think that's the attraction with the guys down here."

Coach Rolle has had his share of players heading to college. He's only been at Killian for three years, but prior to that he coached at Miami Northwestern, a perennial powerhouse in the city of Miami. Notable prospects to leave under him were Antonio Bryant (PITT), Torrie Cox (PITT), Nate Webster (Miami), Marvin Jones (FSU), and Snoop Minnis (FSU). He's had the best recruiters come to his school each year, and NC State's Chuck Amato and "Doc" Holliday are two of the best in his eyes.

"Coach Amato had a big-time reputation recruiting in this area when he was at Florida State. He is just a great person before a coach. He sold himself as a recruiter when he was at Florida State and it's just carried over with him to North Carolina State."

"Doc did well when he was at West Virginia in South Florida so it's not a surprise what they are doing right now together. What Miami and Florida didn't get, Chuck got at Florida State and Doc got at West Virginia."

"Those guys are two of the best and I think it's because of their persistence. They would be here everyday if they were allowed to be and the kids understand that. They see it shows how much a coach wants them and it's a big reason why they've been successful here with recruiting our guys."

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