Crowell Making Visits

Winston-Salem (NC) Carver defensive back Germane Crowell has been busy making visits. He talked with Pack Pride recently about his trip to NC State and an upcoming visit to Florida.

Winston-Salem (NC) Carver defensive back Germane Crowell did not know exactly what to expect going into his visit to NC State earlier this year. Now that he has the benefit of hindsight he does know that what he saw and experienced exceeded what he anticipated.

While Crowell did not have a fixed idea of what he would see in Raleigh he seemed to have modest expectations for the visit. He might not have said so at the time but his reaction after the trip seems to confirm that. That's okay. More important than Crowell's thoughts on NC State before the trip are his thoughts on the school afterwards.

"The facilities were amazing. I didn't know it was like that up there. It's a very visually appealing place. It was nice talking to Coach Doeren of course. I've been talking to him really good. I liked hearing about his philosophy on how he does things and his vision on where he wants to take the program."

Crowell (6-3, 180) said he has been talking to Doeren about twice per week.

"I talk to Coach White about twice a week and I also talk to Coach Huxtable probably twice a week or even three times a week. I get along with Coach Huxtable well. When I met him in person we got along well. That was probably back in February or so. I don't remember the exact date but we talked when I went to their little mini elite Junior Day."

That was Crowell's first time at NC State and his communication with the coaching staff has even picked up since he visited.

"Coach Huxtable is telling me that I'm a very special player and I can contribute early as a big-time player for them."

The coaches are getting to know Crowell a lot better and the Winston Salem native seems to be enjoying his relationships with those on the staff. But it's a friendship with a current player, Brian Sessoms, that seems to be helping advance the Pack's cause more than anything else.

"I played football with him for two years when he was here so me and him are pretty close."

Sessoms was not on campus when Crowell visited. He was back in the Winston Salem area at the time so they could not speak.

Crowell has visited other schools in the state including Wake Forest and Duke. He has visited Virginia outside the state. Another out of state visit is coming up this weekend when Crowell will be at Florida.

Going into the visit to Gainesville, Crowell is excited about what he might find with the Gators.

"I've been talking to Coach Mac and Coach Gray quite a bit and they're telling me what a special player I can be and how I can be an impact player. So I'm just looking forward to getting around them and finding out their philosophy on things. I want to learn about their team accountability and what they hold their players to."


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