RAPID FIRE: George McDonald

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State wide receivers coach George McDonald answers six rapid-fire questions from Pack Pride.

NC State wide receivers coach George McDonald answers six rapid-fire questions from Pack Pride.


How is your receiving corps doing at the moment?
They are doing pretty good. They are working hard trying to get the offense down and the timing down with Jalan [McClendon] and the new quarterbacks so they are doing good. It is right on track right now. 

With a new offensive coordinator is it changing how you or others approach coaching?
Not for me. You are going to coach the way you coach. Everyone on this staff is professional in terms of what they are trying to do. Every coordinator has different expectations or different likes and dislikes but, as far as how we coach our position or how I coach my position. nothing has really changed. 

Are you seeing added confidence from your younger players this spring?
You can tell the development they have had like with Freddie, Brian and Chandler, they are more confident because of being on the scout team. They understand what college football is like. You kind of see more of their natural ability more than you did when they first got here. Now they know what the expectation is. They know the standards and actually how to go out and compete every day.

Can Freddie Simmons make an impact in 2016?
He needs to help us. He is a guy that has a lot of ability. I think the biggest thing for him is to just strive to be consistent and be the same guy everyday. He just needs to come out and give the same effort, same technique and discipline. In terms of having the ability to help us in the passing game, he can definitely do that if he continues to make those strides. 

Can a guy like Nyheim Hines, even with his playing time as a freshman, still show growth between the end of the season and now?

Even with guys like Nyheim you can see they are more confident. He knows that when he comes out to practices what he has to do to get his body ready. All of those guys that played early, the second time around they are not thinking; they are just going out there and reacting and just playing football the way they know how. It is exciting to see him and the different ways we can get him the ball. He’ll be involved in the offense and I think he’ll continue to take the next steps.

I don’t know what the stats or numbers, but I think he’ll continue to be more mature as a player and I think anytime you are more mature as a player with his ability those things will naturally happen.

Are Brian Sessoms and Maurice Trowell similar players?

They are different. Maurice is a bigger guy, maybe not height-wise, but he is built differently. I think his skillset is a little bit different. Both of them have really good speed. Trowell does a really good job running routes. We move them into the slots to give them some more opportunities.

Brian right now is still working on developing his routes. He is more of a straight-line, fast guy. Both of them, with the ball in the hands, can take the top off the coverage and score points hopefully. They are different players.

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