Tuesday's Thoughts

Tuesday was a great day traveling through Florida as we visited Miami Killian High School, Hollywood Chaminade-Madonna Prep, and Ft. Lauderdale Dillard High School. <P>

-Today we started out at Miami Killian High School and it was the nicest public school that we have visited thus far. It's in a beautiful area of Miami right off 104 Street and US-1. Coach Billy Rolle and his staff do a great job with these kids and each year they contend for the district championship. Some of the greats that he's coached are Marvin Jones (Jets), Antonio Bryant (Dallas Cowboys), "Snoop" Minnis (Kansas City Chiefs), and Nate Webster (Tampa Bay Bucs), among many others. He spent ten years at Miami Northwestern where he coached all of these guys and is now trying to put his stamp on the Killian program.

-Coach Rolle told us that both Miami and Florida wanted Stephen Tulloch bad, but particularly the Hurricanes. The Miami LB coach loved everything about him, but it was a no-brainer that they wouldn't offer because of his height at 5'11. That hasn't stopped him from being one of the best high school players in the area and Rolle feels he will be a great college player as well. Other schools who were after Tulloch and Scott were Florida and Rutgers.

-Things got really interesting when we started talking about RB Bobby Washington and his recruitment. Miami is still recruiting Adrian Peterson from Texas, and if he decides to go to Miami, could Washington look elsewhere? That maybe the case, and Bobby will more than likely focus on schools which use a two-back backfield, according to Coach Rolle.

-Once we talked to Washington, he informed us that he would take his visits although he's committed to Miami and that NC State will get one. He likes the fact that he has friends in Raleigh and he wouldn't mind coming up for a visit. He's had a chance to talk to Coach Amato before and what did the Wolfpack coach say to him? "He told me that if I visited NC State I would never want to leave." A common phrase we continue to hear.

-Who was the best defensive player that Washington's ever faced? His own teammate, Stephen Tulloch. The Killian Running Back compared Steve to a Ray Lewis in how he can control the game from the linebacker position.

-After leaving Killian we headed up I-95 to Hollywood, Florida, located between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. In Hollywood is one of the best football programs in the state, Chaminade-Madonna Prep School. The Lions finished last season with a 14-1 record, losing in the state championships and sent 14 players to D-1 or D-1AA.

-Coach Mark Guandolo is originally from Beaver Falls, Pa. and is friends with ex-NC State coaches Sean and Archie Miller. The coach also loves the NC State coaches and hopes to one day have a kid from Chaminade sign with the Wolfpack. Could it be this year?

-The Lions are having new facilities built in the 2.5 MILLION dollar range! The football field is now artificial turf, the first such field in the state of Florida. Everything at the school is top-notch and they will continue to put out top players.

-Wide Receiver/Linebacker John Dunlap told us that he likes the Wolfpack and thinks Coach Amato is a great guy. He says they will definitely get a visit and FED-Exed him his offer a couple of months ago. Dunlap will be a linebacker in college and NC State's all over him. Right now, it looks like Miami and Florida lead with others like NCSU and Auburn right behind. John has close to twenty offers.

-Tight End Octavious Darby stated that he and Dunlap want to attend the same school, and hopefully Miami, which has offered neither. He too likes Florida as well, and NC State is in his top 7. The Wolfpack should get a visit from Darby, who says he won't use a visit on the Hurricanes or Gators. NC State's fighting an uphill battle for Darby, who has nearly forty offers.

-The final stop of the day was Ft. Lauderdale Dillard, another top program conveniently located off of I-95. The Broward County school is one of the state's best basketball programs, boasting four state championships in the past ten years. But, Florida will always be a football state, and the school is on it's way back to the glory years at Dillard.

-Defensive Tackle Pat Sims wasn't at the 6:00 session because he had to work so we talked to Assistant Dillard Coach "Rock" Nelson about his star tackle (who is also the team's starting power forward in basketball). Nelson told us that Sims is a great athlete who at 6'2 285 runs a legit 4.7. Pat was named the MVP at the Auburn camp and probably favors Auburn and Ohio State because of the current Dillard players at each school. Sims could be one of those who comes down the wire with qualifying.

-We mentioned how the Dillard influence at Auburn and OSU could persuade Sims. At Auburn from Dillard is ex-Wolfpack target Stanley McClover and another Dillard alum is OSU's All-American DB/WR Chris Gamble.

-Want some names of great players that have come from Dillard? Former Houston Oiler and Pro Bowler Lorenze White (Michigan State), St. Louis Rams Receiver Isaac Bruce (Memphis State), Carolina Panthers Receiver Frank Sanders (Auburn), and current NBA Point Guard Keyon Dooling (Missouri). The school and area is rich in tradition, and the coaches at Dillard speak proudly of their program.

-The aforementioned Lorenzo White is actually the RUNNING BACKS coach at Dillard. We had a chance to speak with Lorenzo, who finished second to Bo Jackson for the Heisman his sophomore year at Michigan State, and he remembers Coach Amato when FSU tried to recruit him! He loves Amato and Doc Holliday and knows those guys do a great job. Wolfpack Defensive Back Greg Golden is the nephew of White. We are going to have a story on Lorenzo sometime in the next couple of days.

-Check back tomorrow for the tidbits on our Wednesday Road Trip through Riviera Beach, the home of Devin Hester!

-Quote of the Day: "I know I'm a 4.4 kid, but the stopwatch always says I run a 4.6"-- an anonymous South Florida athlete.

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