Hall Hoping For Renewed Interest From Pack

Charlotte (NC) Vance TE Jeremiah Hall was once a major target for NC State. He's hoping the Pack's interest picks back up in the coming months.

Charlotte (NC) Vance tight end Jeremiah Hall once felt like a prized recruit for NC State. He was never committed but it seemed like the coaches were making an aggressive push to change that.

It's too early to tell whether NC State's staff has turned the page on Hall for good but since late last year and even early this year it seems like the Pack's interest has tapered off at least a little bit. Some of that could be a normal pause in contact. There's even room for a glimmer of hope if the coaching staff really has started to value other targets more than Hall. It's not unheard of for coaches to begin to recruit a player from their own past board months down the road.

But Hall does (6-3, 225) know that things haven't been quite the same as they were in the Pack's relationship with him.

"I haven't been in contact with them in a while. We haven't been in touch lately," said Hall this week.

Hall said part of that has been because he hasn't done much reaching out himself. Then again he said that the coaches know he is interested. The last time he spoke with anybody from the NC State coaching staff was the last time he was on campus. That was back in January towards the end of that month.

"The last time I spoke with them in person was the last time we talked."

Some players might be put off with that lack of communication. Hall doesn't seem to have that kind of ego and made it clear that the door is open if the Pack wants to come back into the picture.

"If they were to pick back up my interest would pick back up in them most definitely. I'm trying to reach out to their coaches now to just build that relationship. I haven't really been in a rush to make a decision or move on from anybody so I'm just going to let things go how they do and see what happens."

There's a reason Hall is willing to wait on NC State. The visit in January and what he learned about the school before that convinced him beyond a shadow of a doubt that the school would be at least one of the better fits for him out there.

"From my past couple of visits there I would look at NC State as a comfortable facility, kind of similar to home. It's a great environment. It's an exciting place. They're very welcoming there. I have nothing but positive things to say about it."

That doesn't sound like a player put off by a lack of communication at all, so the ball may be in NC State's court when it comes to targeting Hall later in the recruiting year.

In the meantime though Hall has been talking to coaches from other schools on a more regular basis. Wake Forest's staff makes sure to touch base with Hall often. East Carolina could be the North Carolina school that is recruiting him harder than any other. Of the out of state schools recruiting Hall right now Georgia Southern is the most consistent in reaching out.


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