VIDEO + QUOTES: Doeren Talks Spring Practice

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media after Tuesday's practice.

How is Coach Ledford working out?
Today was our sixth [practice]... first of all he's doing a great job. The guys have really bonded with them and he works them hard, but he's fair.

We've had a lot of movement over there, just trying to figure out what guys can and can't do... playing guys at multiple positions. It will probably look all over the place for a while until he gets to know what his guys are like... once he settles in on his five and who the backups are.

It's a different style of play. He really believes in taking the line of scrimmage with double-teams... we were a lot more lateral with some of our schemes a year ago, and it worked for us. There's a lot of ways to do things.

He's working on changing up how we do things in the run game and it's going to take him some time to get it right.

How is Coult Culler doing over there?
Today was day three [for him on the offensive line], and he was running with the one's. 

The fact that there is a new coordinator... a guy moving over now is that better?
Probably so. We're putting in a new scheme, new terminology, so to change some techniques it's probably a good time for that.

Coach U was a great coach, and coach Ledford is a great coach. They are just different.  It's just learning a different style.

Do you have to knock some of the ECU out of that guy?
[Laughing] No, I give him a hard time. No, I don't. 

He's all State.  He lived in Raleigh, and he loves this area. It was a good fit, finding a guy that has lived here as long as he has.

Thoughts on Deshaywn Middleton moving to offensive line...
I don't know man it's too early. We just moved him there.  

I'm just proud of those two for being team guys.  We have Tony Adams out, and he probably won't go for the rest of the spring. He'll be back for the summer.

So you lose the three guys we had and Tony so there is a lot of new faces in the lineup. All of a sudden you put two defensive linemen over there and it's tough. I'm proud of them for doing that.  We'll reserve judgement until they know what they were doing.

Monty Nelson started in the bowl game, and he's a year removed from the surgery. How is he doing?

It was a significant injury.

He had a good offseason and is moving as well as he's been able to move. We had to really limit his reps last year, he was only able to practice two days a week.

He's doing everything. He feels great. It's a significant deal when you're 320 pounds and had some cartilage like he had repaired. We had to take our time with it.

With the offensive line when you have those issues, what are you trying to get out of the spring?
Well, you're building depth. 

We're installing a new offense, but you're building depth. All these kids are repping right now. However it looks, it looks, but in time it will be better.  Tony Adams will be back and all these kids taking reps will get better. We have four more signees who aren't here yet so we'll add them to the table.

It's going to be a lot better group in time, but right now it's a mess. We're just trying to get through it.

How are Jon Alston and Vernon Grier doing?
They are getting better. 

Vernon had a pick today and that was good to see. Alston made some plays in the scrimmage and tackled well. They are playing aggressive... playing faster.  There's not a lot of install anymore on defense.  Coverage-wise they have in what they are going to have, now they get to focus on fundamentals.

I told Jonathan yesterday we need a couple more days to really see what he has there because he's not thinking as much now.

How is the kicking game looking?
Kyle Bambard is out with a pulled quad right now so Connor Haskins has been taking the reps.  He made two game-winners in the scrimmage at the end. We challenged everybody and said we're going to do cross-fields if he misses and he made them. That was pretty good to see, him handle that pressure.

It was pretty funny, he said at least now they all know my name.

A.J. Cole has picked up where he left off.

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