RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State junior defensive tackle B.J. Hill talks with Pack Pride.

NC State junior defensive tackle B.J. Hill talks with Pack Pride about a variety of topics.


How are things going for you this spring?
It's going pretty good. We came out here and got a lot better from last practice and stuff like that.

We're trying to get better each day.

How is your position group doing?
We still have a long ways to go. We're getting better everyday.  The young guys who redshirted are coming along pretty good.

Is the depth a strength this year?
I think so.

It always starts with the defensive line and offensive line.  If you have a good defensive line and a good offensive line you'll be pretty good.

Do you see the three-deep at each position?
I think so.  Like I said earlier, the younger guys are coming up pretty fast and getting better.

Who are some of the younger guys who stand out to you?
Big E (Eurndraus Bryant), Quentez (Johnson)... Darian (Roseboro) is getting a lot better from last year.  James Smith-Williams, Manny Olenga, and Tyrone Riley.  

Everybody is doing pretty good.

They say each year the game slows down.  Do you feel that way?
Going into my third year, it's mostly mental.  It's kind of slowing down each and every practice.

Are you trying to be a leader for the young guys?
I'm trying to lead them the right way so we can be a great defense.

Are you more vocal or do you show with your actions?
I'm kind of both. I'm becoming more of a vocal guy this year... just getting better at it.

Can this be a really good NC State team this year?
I believe so.  I believe that we can win the ACC championship if we put our mind to it and come out here everyday.

Is winning the championship the mindset for the team?
Yes, why wouldn't it be?

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