Profile: Fort Lauderdale Dillard High School

Pride is important at Fort Lauderdale Dillard, and the Panthers are ready to take the championship this year. <P> A group of 32 seniors will help them accomplish the feat.

High School: Fort Lauderdale Dillard High School
Head Coach: Ken Scott
2002 Final Record: 14-1
Nickname: Panthers
Current Wolfpack Targets: Defensive Tackle Pat Sims

Brief Overview: Dillard High School has been a powerhouse basketball program over the past ten years, winning four state titles. But with the football being huge in Florida, the school has began to take it's pigskin team to another level. The goal next season? A state championship.

"Where they play the states at this year? That's where we'll be," Dillard Assistant Coach "Rock" Nelson told us. "Those are my sentiments of the team without a doubt. We've been working hard all summer and it will show this year. We are going to have 32 seniors this year and those guys will be huge for us."

Last year's impact prospect was the talented Stanley McClover, who eventually signed with the Auburn Tigers. Stanley was a terror at Defensive End and the Dillard assistant feels he has a great future ahead of him.

"Stanley is a good player who hasn't reached his potential yet. He'll be an excellent player in college and you will see him in the NFL. He came in as an offensive tackle in the ninth grade and didn't play defense until his junior year. His quickness is what makes him so special."

This year's team will be led by it's seniors, and in particular Defensive Tackle Pat Sims. Sims impressed as a junior and college programs are all over him.

"Auburn, North Carolina State, Florida State, Ohio State, and LSU are the schools I feel he's looking at. Patrick's 6'2, 285 pounds, and runs a legit 4.7. He plays basketball for us and we'll put him on the Point Guard sometimes because he has such good lateral quickness. He could be a defensive end in college based on his athleticism. He's incredible!"

"Pat went to Auburn about a month ago and was the camp MVP. We have three Dillards kids at Auburn, and the assistant running backs coach at Auburn is James Bostic, another Dillard guy. Those connections are big-time and could help Auburn in the end."

Some notable football stars who attended Dillard over the years were Lorenzo White (Michigan State), Isaac Bruce (Memphis State), Frank Sanders (Auburn), and James Bostic (Auburn). We asked who was the best player to come from Dillard in the last five years and the answer received a unanimous response... the star up at Ohio State.

"Chris Gamble is probably the best player we've had here in the last five years. It was interesting because he came down to Ohio State and Fresno State. Fresno said they would pass the ball fifty times a game and he would get touches so he was really high on them, but in the end he went to Ohio State."

With the amount of talent at Dillard, college coaches are coming through as much as possible during the recruiting season. One coach who's as flamboyant as any is N.C. State Head Coach Chuck Amato. Coach Nelson agrees with me 100 percent!

"Chuck is the classiest coach in all of college football! Chuck comes in with his slacks on, his Izod shirt, Gucci watch, rings... he's just all class. He's a good guy and a great coach."

"He comes down and does alot of recruiting and he comes personally. If it's a player you want, then the head coach needs to come down here and get him. Chuck will do that."

Coach Nelson is apart of a great staff at Dillard, one that teaches the fundamentals and stresses a passion for the game. The running backs coach certainly know alots about both of those aspects, and he's a four-time NFL Pro-Bowler, ex-Michigan State Running Back Lorenzo White. He's known a couple of Wolfpack coaches for a very long time.

"That's the funniest thing is when you look at it now, guys like Chuck are still out there recruiting when I'm a coach. Chuck's a great guy, and I have a great respect for him. Another thing, I know Doc real well and he heavily recruited me. A head coach is only as good as his recruiting coaches and all the guys at NC State have good experience down here."

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