Doeren: "It's Exciting"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media after practice.

What have you liked out of Jalan McClendon this spring?
One is the way he prepares for practice everyday. He really puts the time in it and invested in learning the new system.

He's competitive. He has a lot of positive spirit about him. He encourages his teammates. He's hard on himself, but he doesn't let it take away from the way he leads.  He's a lot more vocal. It's just his personality.

He's just being himself. He hasn't been rattled by anything the defense has done, and it's been fun to watch him grow.

What do you want to see him do in a game-type situation?
Make the right choices.  Obviously you'd love to see him throw a bunch of good passes, but more importantly just make the plays he should make all the time.

The great plays will come.  

Just making the smart choices and not trying to do too much because he has the ability. 

It will be unique... the way we're doing the game is we're drafting teams tonight so there will be poor continuity probably at times because there will be guys intermixed that haven't been all spring.

It's just a different way with how our depth has been to have more of a game about it.

More on the game setup...
The way we're doing it, coach Kitchings is the head coach of one team and coach Barlow the head coach of another. We'll split the two quarterbacks and split the two linebackers and those three guys will meet tonight and draft the teams. We'll announce them tomorrow and see how much football we can play.

We don't have much depth at some spots so hopefully we'll be able to play four quarters.

I'm guessing Jalan does some things differently than the other quarterbacks who have been at NC State.  What will make him a little different than what people have seen?
It's hard for me to say because I wasn't here with the other guys.

From what we've had, stature-wise he's similar to Jacoby. When he runs he'll run straight ahead pretty well. He's not a guy who will try to juke a lot of people out.

He's a quick decision maker, and he has a really live arm. That's what he is. He has a lot of personality.

Who are some receivers that will be catching passes on Saturday?
Steph Louis and Bra'lon Cherry are probably the two most consistent guys.  Obviously when Nyheim's out there in the slot and Maurice Trowell... those will be the guys you probably see the most.  Locklear will be out there making plays with his group.  

It depends on the draft.

Thoughts on Jakobi Meyers...
He can run man... he's super athletic which we knew, but he kind of creates plays. He has a great pocket feel. He knows where it's going and how to step up and get outside.  He sees the field well

He's probably had more of a challenge than Jalan at times because the second-team offensive line has been pretty beat up and hasn't exactly given him a lot of time to throw at times.

We all knew he had a great arm when he got here and that hasn't disappointed.

I'm assuming Freddie Simmons is done for good?

Bryce Dixon?

With those situations for a guy who just gets here and has to go, what goes into that decision process? I know it's very vague.
There are rules you have to live by and when you don't, sometimes you don't get to stay and sometimes you do.  

It's unfortunate.  That's the biggest thing I can say about it. I'm not going to get into it.

Your first year you used multiple quarterbacks for a lot of reasons... will this be a situation you'll try to use Jakobi Meyers in certain spots?
We've talked a lot about that, depending on how it all plays out.

If Jalan is the guy, we'll definitely have a package of plays that Jakobi will run. I'd like to get him in the games.

If [Jakobi] wins the job, it will be the opposite. They are both good players and we need to get our good players on the field.

This is your fourth spring game, just talk about how important it is for the team and how it affects the community.
It's exciting. I hope the weather stays good so they can have the barbecue cookout.

It's festive. We've had a lot of fans, and it's for a great cause with Kay Yow.

Hopefully we'll have great support from the fanbase like we have and get the students out here... enjoy the weather and enjoy the game.

We'll get to see a lot of our former players that are back for the seven-on-seven as well. I know Torry Holt will play in the game and DaJuan Morgan will play in the game. Philip will be here. 

There will be a lot of former players for the fans to come out and see as well.


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