RAPID FIRE: Jumichael Ramos

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State senior wide receiver Jumichael Ramos talks with Pack Pride.

How much growth have you seen from the wide receivers?
I've seen a lot. A lot of the guys have matured. We have some of the young guys stepping up now, getting the offense and being able to get the assignments down right.

They have the confidence that we need them to have, making plays down the field... catching it and getting up the field, YAC yards.  

A lot has been going smooth with the quarterbacks and the receivers.

Is there more depth at the position?
We have about two or three guys looking pretty good out here.  They have the confidence that I was saying... catching the ball well and doing their assignments... doing what they need to do to be able to play this year.

Are you a leader?
Yes sir.

In what way?
Just showing it on the field and off-the-field... being on time, being accountable.  Being able for these guys to be able to talk to me about anything because I've been through a lot here at NC State.

I'm just a guy that the younger guys, even the older guys can come to and talk to... be able to express themselves.  I'll give my two cents about what I think should be done... if I can help or if they need to talk to a coach.  

Things like that I feel like I'm being a leader with that and helping guys get through college here.

Are you a leader by words or actions?
I do a little bit of both.

I'm a vocal guy, and also on the field I do work.  I expect guys to be able to watch me and do what I do.

Any young receivers caught your eye?
Yes sir, Brian Sessoms has done a good job.He's been able to get the offense down and do what we need him to do with the jets and things like that. He's catching the ball real well.  He's the guy right now who stands out to me.

Can this year's team be special?
Yes sir.  Just having a new offensive coordinator and getting the ball out o the receivers, be able to make big plays and have short drives, add more points to the scoreboard.  

Just things like that... I feel like the offense is in our hands, and we have to take it there.

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