RAPID FIRE: Kentavius Street

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State junior defensive lineman Kentavius Street met with the media following a recent practice.

You guys do lose Mike from last year.  What kind of guys are stepping up?
So far, Jerod Fernandez and of course Airius Moore.  Chubb... B.J. Hill.  B.J. is more of a lead-by-example guy.

Our secondary is making progression. We have a lot more guys being more vocal now, and that's always great for the defense.  

Now we're playing smarter.

How much more confident are you now?
It's good now.  I know the defense like the back of my hand so I'm just trying to play as fast as possible.

The defense was young last year but this year there's a lot of juniors and seniors on the depth chart. Do you see a difference this spring?
With the seniors we kind of took a backseat, we let them take the lead, and they had been through everything. We let them lead.

Now we've taken the helm and we're doing things our way.

What are some things coach Huxtable stressed?
Just to make sure our effort is high.  We're not playing NC State right now, we're playing Clemson, Notre Dame. We're having that mindset.

We're trying not to be complacent. We're working on things everyday.

Does it help you now playing an uptempo-spread in practice everyday?
We've grown accustomed to it now. We're used to it.  

It helps with our conditioning a lot too.

Where did you want to improve individually?
My pass-rush.  

Pass-rush, being in better shape, and just playing faster... overall just playing faster.

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