Profile: Riviera Beach Suncoast High School

The Riviera Beach Suncoast Chargers are fresh off a District Title, and led by DaJuan Morgan, ready to do more damage this upcoming season.

High School: Riviera Beach Suncoast
Head Coach: Jimmie Bell
2002 Final Record: 7-4
Nickname: Chargers
Current Wolfpack Targets: DB/WR DaJuan Morgan

Brief Overview: Last year Suncoast won the District Championship for the first time in eighteen years, and star athlete DaJuan Morgan was a big reason why.

"DaJuan Morgan was instrumental in that because he did whatever we needed him to do," Suncoast Head Coach Jimmie Bell said. "He played Quarterback for us, Safety, Wide Receiver, pretty much whereever we needed him to play he did."

Morgan is often compared to a former player at Suncoast... ex-Wolfpack target and current Miami Hurricane Devin Hester.

"Devin Hester played here two years ago and they remind me alot of each other. They never quit and every play they go full speed. DaJuan really fuels our fire, and the other guys rally around him because of that."

Already impressing down at Miami, Coach Bell knew he had something special in Hester because he's already seen "special" once before.

"I didn't know what I had in Devin Hester my first year, but I wish I had him a couple more years. Every 25 years you get a great player and Anthony Carter was that guy before Devin, and now DaJuan so we've been really blessed. Devin's a guy that I've said all along that if you give him the ball in three years he will have the Heisman Trophy."

Hester, who sit out last season before becoming eligible at Miami, chose the Hurricanes over N.C. State and Florida State. How close was he to choosing the Wolfpack?

"I think it was very close. Alot of it was because his brother was down in Miami (Florida International) and it's a great area, but I really think that if his brother had went to a school in the Raleigh-Durham area he would have probably chosen N.C. State."

"Doc [Holliday] is a guy that I thought had Devin up until the last hour. Miami just came in and got him at the end, but I really thought he was going to N.C. State."

The N.C. State coaching staff continues to receive high praise from the Florida high school coaches, and Coach Bell thinks the praise (and respect) also exists on the college level as well.

"They've done a great job recruiting the Florida area and they know the game very well. Other colleges down here respect them on the field and out recruiting, and you don't see that much from the Florida schools. Chuck Amato and Doc Holliday are just two great guys who know the game very well and their players just love them."

After narrowly missing on Hester, Coach Holliday and N.C. State hope they don't strike out again at Suncoast. They will have to defeat some serious competition for Morgan, whom they've officially offered.

"All the Florida schools, Ohio State, N.C. State, all the large schools are after him. I pray that I'll be able to help him with making the best decision possible. He has alot of great options that he can look at, and academics really matter to him. He's already fully qualified. He's great in the classroom as well and in the community. DaJuan's just an all-around kid."

"I'll show you how much respect I have for DaJuan. I'm allowing him to wear Anthony Carter's number and no one has worn that jersey since Carter twenty-five years ago. He exhibits every trait that I want to see in an athlete and person, and that's how much respect I have for him.

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