Ledford: "We Won't Be Outworked"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State offensive line coach Dwayne Ledford meets with the media just days before the Kay Yow Spring Game.

Describe your coaching philosophy?
There are three things we always talk about on the offensive line; The speed off the ball--I want to play with great speed, great effort and toughness. Just having a good toughness about our group and then the last thing is finishing plays. Getting downfield and getting extra blocks, playing as a unit and just playing hard. And have fun. Have fun with what you do.

What has it been like bonding with your players?
It has been fun. The thing I love about college athletics is a lot about relationships. Not only relationships with your coworkers and other coaches but the relationships you build with your players. To me, that is something special that I have always had at other places and that is going to be special here also. The process of doing that is very, very enjoyable. Once you get that built up, then it is special.

Describe what it is like to coach at NC State, especially considering your background in the area?
It is a lot of familiarity with some of the areas. I have been in North Carolina pretty much my whole coaching career and I grew up here so I know a lot of good coaches. I know a lot of good programs. I have been throughout the whole state. I love that. I love the fact that I am able to stay in this state.

I love the state of North Carolina. To be at NC State, to wear that block S, to wear that Wolfpack when you go into schools, I am excited about it.

What has been your major objective in the spring?
What we are able to do right now is build depth for down the road and that is something that I really, really like. I like the fact that Garrett Bradbury is playing ones as a center. To me, that is such a tough position that if you have to do that you are able to step up. He is getting great full speed reps at it right now.

What is your approach to teaching players?
Coult [Culler], that we moved over from defensive line, he is getting reps at the ones right now with the guards, and he is learning on the go. I think that just helps the maturity in the growth of your group a lot when they are put into tough situations. I want to put them into as many tough situations as I can and watch them crawl out if it. They are going to grow from each one of those experiences.

Are injuries a concern?
It has been like this every year wherever I have been. Last year at one point we had six offensive linemen, before that it was seven or eight. You get used to it and you make it happen. That is the whole thing about spring, it is developing what you want your unit to identify with.

What players are standing out to you so far?
Coult has really done a tremendous job. He is trying to take in everything I am trying to improve with him. Garrett Bradbury is another one.

A guy I have been very impressed with is Tyler Jones. He is playing at a really good level. He has played some guard and some tackle now.

Emanuel McGirt  is coming along and doing some positive things. I am very happy with those guys.

What is your hope going forward after the spring game?
Once we are done with spring ball you have got to keep on developing good habits and chip away within yourself the player you want to become. This summer is going to be huge for us. I think that we will make some huge gains with the work they will put in.

You and your group tends to be the last ones to leave practice. Is that intentional?
We won’t be outworked. We will come out here early and we are going to stay late. A lot of that is a mindset with those guys. I want them to develop the mindset that whoever we are facing--home or road, it can be in the snow, sleet or rain--whoever we line up in front of, that guy has not outworked me.

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