McClendon: "I Believe In Myself"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State sophomore quarterback Jalan McClendon talks about spring practice.

How has spring been treating you?
It's been going pretty good. I can't complain about it.

What have you picked up on these few weeks of practice?
Just grasping the offense, going through my progressions, and going through my reads. I'm just doing what the coaches are asking me to do. 

How different is what Eli wants you to do compared to last year?
I'd say it's more control on the quarterback... more quarterback control.

He's putting it all on you. What he sees he's trusting us to go out there and do.

How energetic is he in his teaching?
He's pretty energetic. He's the same guy everyday.  

He's never up or down... he's always up.

You kind of strike me as a chill dude.  Are you in the middle?
Off the field I'm a chill guy but on the field I'm an energetic, electric guy. I just want to go out there and compete.

You ever stop for a minute and think about the quarterbacks who came before you... Philip Rivers, Russell Wilson, Mike Glennon, and even Jacoby?
Oh yeah, even before I came here it was Quarterback University... just the tradition. It's a great atmosphere to be around, knowing you've had NFL guys before you.

Does that add pressure?
I try not to think about it. I just worry about what I can right now.

If I'm good enough then I'll make it there.

If you turned around and threw a football, what yard would it land on?
We're in the back of the endzone... honestly about the 35 or 40. 

The farthest I've thrown is 73 yards.

A lot of people will be watching you on Saturday, what do you hope to get out of that game?
Just going out there and showing everybody what I can do.  The coaches trust me, and that's all I really need.

Jacoby said he knows this is his team when he sat out. Do you have that same kind of confidence?
Oh yea. I'm not saying.. I believe in myself more than anybody else does.  I'm not saying anything about another quarterback,  but I believe the team believes I can be the quarterback.  Until the coaches announces that's what everybody will find out.

What did you learn from watching Cam Newton?
He's just a phenomenal player. He can do it with his feet and arm... he makes great throws.

How is the offensive line doing?
They are doing pretty good.  We still have to get better, but they've made tremendous growth so far.

Are you confident they can get the job done?
Yes.  I firmly believe that they will get the job done.

Who is standing out?
To me, I'd say Coult Culler. He just moved from the defensive line and he's made some big jumps. He never played offensive line before so he's made some huge jumps.

What wideout do you have the best relationship with?
We have a lot, but I'd probably say either Maurice Trowell or Stephen Louis.  Even in the summer, we came out here and threw.  Throwing everyday... on and off the field.


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