POSTGAME: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media after the 2016 Kay Yow Spring Game.

"When I wasn't hurt, I wasn't locked in... when I got hurt, I started paying more attention and focusing on the details. It allowed me to better myself."

"He had a great game.  He came out hot. He set the tone for all of us. Everybody wanted to match him.  He had a great day. I'm proud of him."

"The heads were down a little bit and they didn't have a chance to score. I wanted to be there for them, but whatever coach says that's what we have to do."

"We're all working and pushing each other."

"To win... we shouldn't lose. Us losing is our fault. We shouldn't let anyone else beat us."

"It's a lot of work... we have to learn the offense, install new things. We have plenty of time to work on that. That's our goal this summer."

"Everybody has butterflies going into a game, but as soon as that first pass came I was good."

"Our fans were out here... we're doing what the coaches asked and we're having fun."

"He's a freak.  He does a great job and we both cheer each other on, even though it's a competition."

"Despite missing a couple of key pieces I think we did pretty good. You've got Matt Dayes out.. JaySam."

"It's just been working to get better, faster, and stronger... picking up pass protections. Just everything. I'm trying to show everybody what I can do and hopefully what I'll show next season."

"They were both really impressive on the Red side and on the White side... all the quarterbacks knowing and executing the offense."

"Showing speed and physicality... no fumbles, no turnovers."

"There was probably one run I could have done better on."

"This has definitely been a physical spring."

"I saw him right before the game... he said he wishes nothing for the best for me... make sure I hold the number and make us proud."

"We're definitely going to step up as a defense."

"We're going to be a good defense. I expect a lot from us this year, and I expect a lot from myself too."

"I'm going to step up and become a vocal leader and a leader by actions."

"I talked to him a little before the spring game."

"It was good."

"I think it went pretty well. I only got a chance to play the first half, but I still think I did pretty well."

"We're going to be a Top 10 defense in the nation... that's been our goal since I first got here. It's a huge goal that we have."

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