POSTGAME: Dave Doeren

RALEIGH, N.C. - NC State head coach Dave Doeren discusses the Kay Yow Spring Game with the media.

"You saw how they threw, you got to see.  I think Jalan is a little more comfortable now in the pocket and Jakobi is a really dangerous runner. Everybody got to see that."

"Now it's them taking the offense all summer and making it theirs so they are not thinking as much."

"The one run by Johnny Frasier I've been waiting to see him do that, where he broke some tackles and ran through some guys."

"It was good to see the defensive kids play the ball in the air the way they did."

"I don't know how many receptions the Red team had, but we dropped a lot of those last year and to see them make those plays was positive."

"It helps him going into the summer from a confidence standpoint. For us, we have a long ways before we decide who gets all the playing time. It's a way to earn a little respect maybe going into the summer, but we're not deciding our two-deep based on today's work against a backup defense. They have a lot of work to do still."

"We scored a lot of points and we ran a lot of plays to get the ball to a lot of people. Both quarterbacks played well at times and have some good film to watch in game environment."

"Defensively I thought we took the ball away and created some takeaways."

"It was a tough day to throw in this wind. The starting offense had 47 points and the starting defense had a shutout. That's a positive."

"It's too early for us to say who it is. I think you saw what both of their skillsets are... Jalan is probably a little more comfortable in the pocket and Jakobi is a real threat as a runner. We'll take our time and see how this summer goes."

"When you start the spring they are thinking a lot... there' s a ton of growth in the summer."

"All these guys that were injured on offense and didn't get to play today we have to get them back in there and get that rhythm going with those guys as well."

"Those guys were involved... we know what those guys can do. It's not like you're not sure what Matt Dayes, Reggie Gallaspy, and Jumichael Ramos are going to be able to do."

"The summer will be critical for those kids."

"They both made plays.I thought Nyheim would. Eli dialed up a couple of good plays for him early, got him in space, which is fun for him.  Johnny broke some tackles and ran through contact, which is what we hoped he'd be.  To get a glimpse of where we're headed with him."

"When we lined up the two-deep we didn't have backups at some spots."

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