Hunt Is One To Watch

Courtland (VA) OL/DL Tyran Hunt is up to seven offers and talks with Pack Pride about his visit to NC State.

One prospect that’s gone virtually unnoticed on the recruiting trail is Courtland (VA) Southampton OL/DL Tyran Hunt. However, that doesn’t mean that he’s an unknown to college coaches. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Hunt has already landed seven offers and it’s a safe bet that’s only the beginning. Pack Pride caught up with him for the latest.

“I have offers from Virginia Tech, Virginia, Marshall, Wake Forest, NC State, Old Dominion and Cincinnati. It’s a blessing to have these offers. To me, it’s an opportunity to showcase my talent and a chance to get to the next level.

“Most of the colleges that are recruiting me are recruiting me for offense and defense because of my versatility. I just want to get better with my footwork and get more violent with my hands. I want to do a better job of taking advantage of my size. I’m just trying to get faster and stronger so that’s why I gave up basketball this season.”

Hunt (6-6, 275 pounds) says position doesn’t matter to him. He simply wants to play where the coaches feel he’s the best fit.

“I tell all the college coaches that I’ll play wherever they want me to play. If I start off on offense and they find out I’m better on defense then I’ll go wherever they want me.”

Hunt initially visited NC State last fall for the Pack’s game against UNC. He labeled it a “bad experience” in part due to the fact he didn’t get a chance to spend time with the coaches and certainly the results of the game didn’t bolster the Wolfpack’s cause.

However, a trip back to Raleigh in March gave Hunt a new perspective on NC State and now the Pack sits as one of the schools he has under serious consideration.

“This most recent time when we went back to NC State was good because I got one on one time with pretty much all the coaches. I talked to several of the players. They showed me the ins and out of all the facilities and it was just a really great experience which definitely made them higher on my list and a team that I can really consider committing to. They’re recruiting me for offense but coach told me it’s my decision on what I want to do because both the offensive line and the defensive line coach, they both like me. They really think I would shine on offense.

“Coach Barlow is recruiting me. He’s very cool. He’s a genuine person. He keeps it real. He talks one on one and likes to keep in touch with me.”

In addition to NC State, Hunt has also visited Wake Forest, Virginia and Virginia Tech. He hopes to visit several more schools but a return trip to Virginia Tech is the only one scheduled right now.

So when could Hunt make a decision on his future college?

“It’s still kind of iffy because my coaches and some of my friends and family think I should make my decision before my senior season so I can be more locked in for the season. But as of right now I’m not sure about where I want to be and I’m still deciding on what I’m looking for in a college. I’m almost certain I will have my list narrowed down before the start of my season.”

Hunt says he is planning to major in mass communications but is also considering psychology and sociology.

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