King Planning To Check Out Pack

NC State has offered Fitzgerald (GA) tailback J.D. King and it's a school King hopes to learn more about in the future.

J.D. King  rushed for more than 2,000 yards as a junior running back at Fitzgerald (GA) and numbers like that helped him become a very popular recruit from a state that more and more schools are targeting for talent.

NC State is one of the schools that has offered King (5-11, 205) and it's one of the schools he wants to learn more about.

King said the last time he talked to somebody from NC State was a week or two ago. But that is not out of line with the amount of communication he has with coaches from other schools. King says he's not a big social media person, so he doesn't stay logged into his Twitter or Facebook accounts the way some other players do. That can sometimes mean that he is not talking to coaches as often as some other players. But it's across the board with all coaches and not a limitation specific to NC State.

"I've probably got a message from them. They started recruiting me a few weeks ago and they're coming after me pretty hard. I remember we had been talking on Twitter and then the first time I talked to them on the phone they offered me. I don't remember what coach it was but they told me I'm a physical guy and they said they really need somebody like me in the program because I could really help and be an early starter."

With so many schools recruiting King every little angle could prove helpful. The early playing time pitch is one that the NC State staff would hope could prove very helpful.

NC State is the only major conference school that has offered King but he also has offers from FBS schools Cincinnati, Memphis, Marshall, Troy, Central Florida, Middle Tennessee, Western Kentucky and a lot of others. Oklahoma State and other major conference schools are looking at King very closely.

King said his contact with the State staff has not told him too much about the Wolfpack yet but those are the kinds of conversations he expects to happen.

"I've got to get back with him. I'm supposed to be going on a little viewing of the campus I think. Me and my coach go to visit a lot of campuses and I know that's one of our trips."

The offer picture might be more complicated than it seems. NC State is the only major offer for certain but King said sometimes it's tough to tell where he stands with a school. Virginia Tech for instance has been talking in a way that makes King believe that an offer could be there soon or maybe that a spot could already be available.

"I've been getting offered by people back to back and sometimes I'll keep talking to the schools but sometimes not. The big colleges, I'll keep communicating with them. I haven't visited any of the bigger schools yet. I've been to the little schools. I'm supposed to be visiting the bigger schools like Virginia Tech, Georgia, Clemson, NC State and a few more places."

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