Brissett: "It's Been A Great Experience"

Quarterback Jacoby Brissett met with the media to discuss transitioning from college to the NFL.

AUDIO: Jacoby Brissett Interview (Courtesy of the New England Patriots)

What are the biggest things you've been learning?
"It's a great organization, a great team.  It's an honor to be a part of this organization."

What is it like to have a teammate, Joe Thuney here, to go through the process with you?
"It's awesome to be around [Joe Thuney] again and get around these new teammates too."

Are there common traits you both share that the Patriots liked?
They found something in both of us that they liked."

Is this what you expected early on?
"It's been a great experience, learning everyday and just excited to be here."

Bill Belichick said the rookies have no idea what they are in for. Any surprises so far?
"It's been a great opportunity for all of us, to get around this team and this organization and see what they do so well."

How much are you looking forward to working with the other quarterbacks?
They are great. They are teaching me a lot right now... just continue to learn from them and try to be the best that I can."

What are some of the words of wisdom from Tom?
"I'm learning the way he carries himself. Obviously he's a great player. I'm just excited to have this opportunity to learn from him."

How about from Bill and Josh McDaniels?
"They are great coaches.  I'm excited to be a part of the organization and get to learning."

Do you see yourself in competition with Tom and Jimmy?
"I'm a rookie. I just got here. I'm trying to learn as much as I can. When my time comes, it comes."

When you are working with the other rookies, as a quarterback is there a part of you that takes a leadership role?
"Definitely, but we're all still learning... we're learning ins-and-outs... what we're supposed to do."

How hard has the learning aspect been?
"It's been exciting."

You had to learn three different offenses, how will that help you here?
"It's a great opportunity for me to learn from a great staff and get better."

Is any part of this overwhelming?
"It's my life-long dream to be in the NFL and I'm here.  I'm trying to make the most of the opportunity and learn as much as possible."

Some of your better games were against the better teams... what was it that led you to rise to that challenge?
"Just trusting the team and trusting the process... what got me to that point."

Have you spoken to Bill Parcells much?
"Right now to take it all in and understand that it's a great learning experience.  It's a great opportunity to learn from some great people."

With all the people around you, what do you want to take from them?
"To learn as much as possible."

Will you continue to bake cookies for your offensive line?
"I haven't decided that yet."

What is your specialty?
"It would depend on the week... depend on what they like."

How would you describe competing against Tom Brady?
"The whole opportunity is awesome. I couldn't ask for a better opportunity... to be in this organization and be a part of the players they already have in that room."

Did they give you any words of wisdom before you talked to us?
"Be honest."

You decided to not hire an agent, how has it been going through the process without one?
"That's a personal matter (not having an agent) and right now my main focus is on the team and getting better.. just doing what I can to make myself better and understand that I'm a part of a team right now."

You haven't signed with the team yet, has there been any advancements?
"It's a personal matter (not signing his contract yet) that I'm handling away from here. It will get done."

Did sitting out a year at NC State make it easier to learn the offense?
"It's another opportunity to learn from a different group of guys.

"It's an exciting opportunity for me to broaden my horizons."

You come to a team with Tom Brady, how do you react to that?
"Just take it one day at a time... I'm just happy to be here."

What did you think of the Patriots organization a year ago before all of this?
"It's a great organization."

Can you talk about your relationship with Bill Parcells?
"Through time... from high school I knew [Bill Parcells], and we've continued the relationship. He's given me some help here and there."

Do you guys text, phone calls?
"That's personal."

How has this initial period with the team been in terms of what they are teaching you?
"It's mostly just teaching us the do's and dont's of the organization and the team."

Is it overwhelming?
"It's an experience.  You have good days and bad days... it's a great experience."

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