Thuney: "I Have Total Trust In Them"

Offensive lineman Joe Thuney discussed a variety of topics with the New England media.

AUDIO: Joe Thuney (Courtesy Of The New England Patriots)

What are your expectations coming in?
There's not much surprising. I didn't have expectations coming in.

I'll do what the coaches tell me to do. I'm coming to a great organization. I have total trust in them.

How much have you worked with the veterans?
We interacted a little bit. It's great meeting the older guys. They set a good example.

There were some questions about where you fit... you have experience all along the line.  Will it be guard, center, tackle?
Honestly, it's wherever the coach needs me. Versatility is really important... wherever the team needs me to play, I have no preference at all.

I'm trying to get better each and everyday.

What are some of the things the veterans have told you about the offensive line coach?
He's a really great coach. He's passionate and knows about football... he's one of the great offensive line coaches.  I have to listen to everything he has to say and apply it to me my game.

Are you creating a bond with the first-year guys?  Have you all talked about that?
Naturally you spend a lot of time together, being first-year guys... we're all experiencing the same thing so it kind of creates that natural bond.

Does it help to have a guy like Jacoby Brissett here?
It's a great addition.  [Jacoby Brissett] is a class-act guy. I couldn't be happier... familiar face, it's great to have him.

Other than Jacoby do you have any one else on the roster that you know to ease the transition?
Markus Kuhn, the defensive tackle, when I was a freshman, he was a senior.  He was at NC State with me for a year so it was great to see his face again.

Have you talked to Brady at all?
Meeting all the older guys, it's been great.

Some of you guys were 9, 10, or 11 when Brady won his first Super Bowl.  Is there any sense of, 'that's Tom Brady over there.'
At the end of the day there's so much I have to learn, I'm not thinking about that. I'm trying to think about getting the plays down and getting better everyday.

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