Hicks: "It Was The Best Fit"

Pack Pride caught up with 22 Feet Academy (SC) 2016 combo forward Darius Hicks shortly after he signed his letter of intent to attend NC State.

Pack Pride caught up with 22 Feet Academy (SC) 2016 combo forward Darius Hicks shortly after he signed his letter of intent to attend NC State.


Why NC State?
It was the best fit for me.  It was about the competition...I'll be playing every night in the ACC.

I also have a really good relationship with coach Schroyer.

I also can go in and play with one of the best point guards in college basketball next year.

How big of a role did Dennis Smith being at NC State play in your decision?
That was real big. He can get me involved in the game, and it's always fun to have guys like that on the team with you... guys that talented.

When did you let the NC State coaches know your decision?
This morning.

How did the coaches react?
They were excited about it... I told them we can make some noise my first year there.  

Did you commit or sign with NC State?
I've signed... I'll be faxing the papers in tonight.


Are you good to go academically?
Yes sir... I'm qualified.

Who came in second to NC State?

Have you told the Cincinnati coaches?
That was real tough because I had a good relationship with the coaching staff. They were really good people.

Do you know when you plan to head to NC State?
I don't know the exact date but sometime in June.

What position will you play?
I'll play some three and some four.

How do you feel now that you've finalized your college choice?
I'm happy with it.  I'm ready to come in right away so I can get my name out there and we can make a lot of noise.



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