Pack Still In It For Garvin?

NC State was the team to beat for defensive end Jonathan Garvin but his recruitment has exploded as of late. Is the Pack still a factor?

It wasn’t that long ago that NC State resided in the top spot for the services of DE Jonathan Garvin. The Pack had the foresight to offer early but Garvin’s breakout performance at a Nike Camp ultimately led to recent offers from Miami, Tennessee, South Carolina and Georgia. That’s led Garvin to take a wait-and-see approach to his recruiting.

That shouldn't be read as a major negative if you're looking at this from an NC State perspective. Context is important. For a long time leading up to the current date Garvin had been calling NC State his top choice as he has navigated the recruiting waters.

Garvin (6-4, 220 pounds) told Pack Pride recently that no schools are standing out. That isn't as positive a forecast as the previous one, when Garvin was pointing to the Pack as his favorite. It also isn't a death knell forecast because when Garvin opens up about the Wolfpack he still seems to light up and speak in very animated terms.

Garvin was expecting NC State assistant coach and recruiter Ryan Nielsen to visit Oxbridge Academy last Wednesday. That's his school located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Nielsen has been one big reason that Garvin has felt so strongly about NC State over the previous months leading up to this time in his recruitment.

"I have a lot of contact with him. He's a real great recruiter," a laughing Garvin said. "He's a great coach. He's a nice person. I have a lot of faith in him as a person and he's a good recruiter."

Garvin said there's one thing more than anything else that makes Nielsen a great recruiter in his mind.

"Probably the fact that we just talk a lot."

Nielsen makes it a point to do that with all of his favorite recruits as would any other coach, and Garvin said he has sensed that Nielsen values him as a player who is key to his work in the 2017 class. Being appreciated is a feeling that most players look for and Garvin is no exception. Even as other schools have offered, visited his school and become more visible on a daily basis whether in his inbox or his mailbox, Nielsen's interest is not new. It's a constant and he hasn't forgotten that.

"He's told me a whole lot about the school and I've been there once before. That was for a camp. Just from the time I was there I could tell it's a beautiful place. It's an altogether beautiful place. That's the biggest thing I like about it there. From what I saw it's a great place to be. Just a great place."

But Garvin backed off previous comments about NC State standing out, saying that no school stands out and that he's taking this time to step back and look at all of the schools that have offered in the same way.

Earlier this week Garvin made the announcement about the now leveled playing field and he also spoke about his interest in Miami, Georgia and Tennessee. Those three schools have become more involved with Garvin and their interest is among the reasons that he is no longer listing a favorite.


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