Abu: "I Believe In This Staff"

Forward Abdul-Malik Abu has elected to return to NC State for his junior season.

Forward Abdul-Malik Abu has elected to return to NC State for his junior season.  He announced the decision this morning at a press conference.

"Today I'm withdrawing my name from the 2016 NBA Draft."

"I'm proud to announce that I'll be returning to no other place than I call home, NC State... the Wolfpack family. It's been a different time.  I'm happy to announce that we're looking forward to the 2016-2017 season."

"I know there has been speculation on whether or not I'd be at NC State to finish my college career, but one thing I do what to address is this place to me has become a second home.  Through it all, you look back at the coaching staff, coach Gottfried is a head coach I truly believe in. He believed in me, especially from my freshman to sophomore seasons to showcase my abilities. To show you guys what I'm capable of."

"It was never my intent to scare you guys... I was going through a time in my life where I didn't know all the answers and didn't have all the answers to give you."

"I never thought of leaving here... my biggest choice was never anything about transferring.  It was moreso to try and reach my dream of being a professional athlete, and that's a dream I still have and will carry on with me, regardless of how long it takes."

"I believe in this staff and I truly believe in coach Gottfried.  I believe they are going to carry on my development as a person as well as a basketball player."

"The ultimate goal is to be a success in life, keep my character, and to stay a good kid... be a student. That's what we're here for. We're blessed... I'm blessed that coach G extended me a scholarship offer when I was 17, 18 years old and I'm at this point here where you guys are awaiting my decision and listening to me speak."

"The last few years I've improved."

"To help me grow a special bond with my teammates... it's something I can't go away from. It's something I couldn't turn my back on."

"I look forward to having a special season when you [combine] the new pieces with the old pieces.  I think everyone should be excited about what we have going forward."

"I've never lost confidence in my coaching staff, my teammates, and my program. I love this place. This is where my heart resides.  As I said, Raleigh is my second home.  I usually have my Boston hat on but I took it off for the interview."

"I'm happy that I have mentors in the coaches, coach Early, coach Pierre, coach Schroyer, and most importantly, coach Gottfried."

"I can respectfully take my name out of the draft and enjoy the later years of college."

"The NBA is changing.  In the NBA I see myself as a power forward who can be able to stretch the floor and make plays. They want to see me be able to put the ball on the floor more and have a consistent jumpshot."

"It's definitely big-time. Everybody is going to do a little bit to help us achieve our ultimate goal, which is to win titles.  That's why we lace them up everyday, to put another banner up here.  Adding Omer, adding Dennis, adding Torin and adding Terry... we're going to be a hard team to stop. I was talking to coach earlier.. who are you going to double team?  I've seen Omer play.  I personally believe that he may acquire one.  Dennis, we all know what kind of a talent he is, and I attracted a double-team last year."

"You can't pinpoint one player.  You're going to have to stop the whole team."

"I was that close, and I'm still that close. I feel with another year of maturity and another year to get my game where I need it to be, I'll be able to more comfortably enter the draft and take care of my family."

NOTE: Video courtesy of NC State athletics.


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